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September 03, 2018

"Age Discrimination!"

- Why U No Want My Money?

Attempted to call the parts department. Phone answered by a machine wanting to know my age, > or < 50, before transferring me. I refused to answer. The automated request repeated 1 time then hung up on me. Thought possible bad transfer for the hangup and tried again. Hung up again. No opt-out option. I'm buying parts. Why do the need my age to talk to me? Guess they don't want my money. Am filing a complaint with the State Attorney General's office for age discrimination.

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July 19, 2018

"Dishonest "

- Sohrabi

These guys are the worst. They are unethical and liars. We leased a car from them about 12 months ago and when they brought the car to us at the dealership, it did not have several features that was to be included in the price of the car. So when we rejected the car, rather than lose a sale, or adjust the price/lease amount. They promised to compensate us with 10 tanks of gas over the period of the lease. To make the sale go through, the sales manager took one of his business cards and wrote the commitment on the back and signed it. During the last 12 months we used the offer once and they honored it. But, a few weeks ago as we took the car for its scheduled service to the dealership, and asked to fill the tank up too, they flatly refused and said the person who made the commitment to you - the sales manager - is no longer here and we do not recognize his card and his signature! They were rude, condescending and abusive, to the extend that I was about to be thrown out of the dealership. It was one of the most embarrassing moments of my life. Now we are stuck with paying extra for a car that does not have all the features that they sold me at the beginning. These guys are rude, dishonest and con people to make a sale. Stay away from them.

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I don't know the name

July 12, 2018

"Lost a lot of money"

- Yourmother666

I have a friend that works there so thought I would give Damerow a shot. I had bought my wife an escape there and thought I would go back for a ford for myself. I ended up with a new sales man, not my friend. After finding the truck I liked, we did the paper dance. I was told it was a clean car fax. I should have never trusted that. They put a price on the truck about $8k higher than what KBB recommended with that high of miles. After having the truck for less than a year, I had all ready dropped over $5k into it. It was sold to me with blown shocks and struts, shot break pads, exhausted was rusted to the point of needing replacement, put new calipers on, cylinoid went out, spark plugs were gaped, water pump had a hole in it that fried the gaskets sealing it up so had to be withdrawn through the back, resulting in all new pulleys, belts, timing chain. A week after dropping over $3k on that, it threw abs codes, engine codes, and power steering codes at me. I was done with this ford! Drove it to a different dealer and traded it. During that process, they pull the carfax on it and hesitantly tell me (due to how mad i was about my experience with a ford) that the truck was made and registered in Canada originally. That Damerow Ford gets a lot of their inventory from Canada, CHEAP, and brings them to the USA to sell for way more. When they do this, they have to pull the tachs out cause Canada doesn't use MPH, and the truck has to be put in American standards. Well when you roll a tach like that, it shows as a ding on your carfax (which i was told was clean). In turn, DRASTICALLY lowers the value of the vehicle. I lost anywhere from $5k-$10k on the value of my vehicle because my truck was purchased in Canada, refurbished, was never told about it, and bought at an over value. Do NOT ever go to Damerow. They sell Canadian cars to hard working Americans at double the price.

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