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Dayton Chrysler


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2060 Route 130, Dayton, New Jersey 08810 Directions
Sales: (732) 940-1100

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1 Review of Dayton Chrysler

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February 06, 2004

"Their service department is very shady. I didn't buy my..."

- Steve123

Their service department is very shady. I didn't buy my car at this dealership but moved here and needed a couple recalls done. I called and made an appt for 3 days later. I asked if they needed to order my parts and they said they have them. I asked if they're sure they had all the parts so I don't do all of this in vane and he reassured me they did.

I dropped my car off and also requested they put my drivers side head light in. I bought a new one from another place and just wanted to pay them to take the original out and my new one in. Midas had quoted me a price of $40 to do it. But, since my car was going to be there all day, and I'd be w/o a car all that time, I figured I'd kill 2 birds w/ one stone.

I called later in the day to check the status. A woman told me that they didn't have the parts for the recall that involved putting my side door panel molding garnish back on my door. My side panel constantly falls off and that's why there's a recall b/c they're faulty. They were missing a couple clips in their kit and said they'll have to order them and I'd get them in a week.

I then found out that they charged me $90 to put a head light in. I couldn't believe the price and why it took them an hour to put it in. I got some lame excuse. Basically, their machanics are either inept or they're crooks. The WHOLE reason I even had them put the headlight in was b/c I had it there ALL DAY to take care of the recall......THAT THEY NEVER EVEN DID.

When I told them about the guy assuring me that he had the parts....they gave me some whacko excuses. What a waste of my time and money. After them taking so long to get the parts, I told them to never mind about calling me b/c I got it done already at a competent Chrysler dealership. She then said, okay, we'll cancel the order then. So, they're not even interested in getting this part (that they don't have) for future use of another customer that's in there for that same recall. That poor person will go through the same thing I went through...w/ all of that inconvenience......and they don't care at all.

I was supposed to get a survey but I never did b/c they knew I wouldn't give them a good one. That place is absolutely horrible and if you're reading this and thinking about using this dealership to buy your new car...........DON'T. Their service department is a good indication of how they opperate and how they treat their coustomers. Go to a good dealership that's not related to them so that you don't get taken by the sales person and don't have horrible service when you come into problems w/ your car and have to bring it back in...wheather it be for recalls, things under warrantee, or things not under warrantee.

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