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Bartlesville, OK

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1901 SE Washington Blvd.

Bartlesville, OK



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September 24, 2023

Was told we'd get a better interest rate on a new truck versus a used one. He had a truck he thought I'd love. Said he'd been driving it, and he'd had for put on a lot of upgraded parts. Called it a "rapto More
by mmeloy1965

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April 02, 2023

Unable to repair my truck under warranty. Owner said he couldn't do anything about it. Offered to buy it back for $5,000 under the Kelly Blue Book value. More
by BOB

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Brad Doenges, Bruce Doenges

December 23, 2022

Ford Service Dept. needs to be educated on how to communicate with Customers. They will tell You they will call, but You will never hear from them. They can’t trouble More
by Kenny Emigh

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