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Dublin Toyota


530 Lifetime Reviews

4321 Toyota Drive, Dublin, California 94568
Call (925) 829-7700

Top Reviewed Employees

Satish  Chand, Fleet Sales Manager, Dublin Toyota

Satish Chand

Fleet Sales Manager
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Tod  Tenwolde, Used Car Manager, Dublin Toyota

Tod Tenwolde

Used Car Manager
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Umesh  Chand, Costco Sales Manager, Dublin Toyota

Umesh Chand

Costco Sales Manager
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Latest Reviews

August 08, 2019


- James

Bought a 1yr old vehicle from Dublin Toyota 2 months ago. Paid in full with a business check. Found out 2 months later they ran my credit 5 separate times dropping my creidt score by 50 points! all they had to do was phone the bank to check for sufficient funds. when I phoned the finance manager for an explanation he couldn't offer one- shady operation - beware!

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Employees Worked With


May 11, 2019

"BEWARE of MICHAEL CORNELIUS!!! (Mr. Catalytic Converter)"

- Vijay

BEWARE of MICHAEL CORNELIUS!!! His lastname has an eerie resemblance to Catalytic Converter!! that is what he does! He kills a working catalytic converter of your car and when you call him, he hangs up on you!! I had the misfortune of taking my Camry to Dublin Toyota for regular oil change and wiper blade change.. Next day, after the service, we took the car out and by the time we got home, realized that the car is making a lot of noise than normal.. We called Mr. C and reported that the car is making weird sound during starting, subsides a little bit as it picks up speed and then the sound comes back when accelerator is pressed. Mr.Cornelius immediately said it costs $185 to do the diagnostics .. Tried to tell him the car had no issues when I gave it to service, but he has no patience to listen. . I agreed and soon after the diagnostics told me that the Catalytic Converter needs replacement (cost $3400) everything is rusted and the exhaust pipes needs replacement. He further commanded "your smog test WILL fail" . I gently reminded him that the car had a successful smog check couple of days before I took it to service, and the smog check company visually inspected the catalytic converter, checked its operation and PASSED it. So how can the Catalytic Converter go bad in such a short time? However, he kept saying that the smog check company did not test my catalytic converter, but when I told him I can show the report he was unwilling to listen and kept shouting me down before eventually hanging up on me. In addition, the fuel efficiency of the car was near perfect. So it is hard to believe that there was anything wrong with the Catalytic converter. However, for Mr. Cornelius none of these facts matter. He doesn't believe in listening to the customer. My strong guess is that these guys deliberately spoil parts of the car so that they can squeeze money from customers. I reported the matter to Toyota immediately, told them how Dublin Toyota spoiled the Catalytic Converter on purpose or in error and how arrogant Mr. Michael Cornelius was behaving. They promised me a response with in next 24/48 hours and I am awaiting it. I normally take my car to Livermore Toyota, where you will be treated a lot better. I was in a hurry and went to this hideous place after a long time and paid a heavy price. NEVER AGAIN DUBLIN TOYOTA! These guys must be paraded in the HALL OF SHAME FOR WORST AUTO SERVICE.

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March 21, 2019

"Worst service advisor,"

- Matt

Right off the bat, the service advisor was more focused on how to charge money, misinformated me on what the problem may be. I showed him diagnostic done by another Toyota dealership and two other mechanic shops that the noise was coming from the transmission. I asked him all I want to know is if it is the transmission, will it be covered by the warranty. He was insisting he can’t tell me until I pay $185 AGAIN for his mechanic to tell me the same thing the other Toyota dealership already has. He was being rude. I escalated to the supervisor, what I realized was that they were brushing me off just because it was a defect and they might not get paid by me. I asked them to give me all their statements in writing, because each one of them were so contradictiry and misleading, but all of them refused to put any of their statementnts in writing. On top of it all they had misdiagnosed the problem twice already, now they expected me to pay for another diagnostics. Rediculously un proffessional. Will never recomment or step in that filty place again.

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Dublin Toyota, Dublin, CA, 94568