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Amy Connor, Sales Consultant, Dunning Subaru

Amy Connor

Sales Consultant
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Zach Dunning , Finance Manager, Dunning Subaru

Zach Dunning

Finance Manager
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Dan Taylor, Sales Manager, Dunning Subaru

Dan Taylor

Sales Manager
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Pat Murdock, Love Encore Delivery Specialist, Dunning Subaru

Pat Murdock

Love Encore Delivery Specialist
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Latest Reviews

August 26, 2018

"Poor Service Experiences"

- Andrew Joseph

I had a good purchase experience at this dealership but unfortunately their service department has been consistently frustrating. I had scheduled an appointment over a week ago to have a faulty wheel bearing replaced. I had originally scheduled the appointment for a Saturday. About three days prior to the appointment I received a call from service representative 1 (for some reason I had to deal with two individuals since the rep who scheduled my appointment was not available when I arrived) suggesting I reschedule the appointment to following Tuesday as they would need most of the day to confirm the source of the noise and replace the bearing. I agreed to the reschedule and brought the car in Tuesday morning at 7:30 AM. At 4:30 in the afternoon I get a message from the rep. saying the texhincian just started his diagnosis and they would need to keep the car another day. I call the dealership back to tell the service rep that I will need the car Wednesday and will come in to pick it up before they close at 6:00 PM. She's not available (again) when I call so I leave a message with someone else. When I arrive to pick up the car service rep 2 spends about 10 minutes looking for my keys only to realize the car is on a lift after service rep 1 shows up and tells him. She then tells me I will need to leave the car overnight and I can purchase a rental for Wednesday while they take another day to diagnose and repair my car. I asked her when they actually stated to look at my vehicle and she responded, after some hesitation, that the technician had just started. I would have agreed to leave the car is they had offered to waive the rental fee. The car still had the wheels on it and was not instrumented so I know it hadn't been looked at. When I explained that I was frustrated that I rescheduled the appointment at her suggestion for another day and the car wasn't even looked at after nine hours her only explanation was that they were busy and didn't have time. She also denied that she suggested the reschedule appointment even though the e-mail invitation was from her! On a previous incident I had brought my car in for an oil change on a Sat without an appointment because their website said an appointment was not needed. I show up and the rep tells me I should have made an appointment but that they would try to fit me in. Four hours later, after sitting in their waiting room, the car is ready. It's clear to me that Dunning Subaru service either does not value their customers' time or has no ability whatsoever to manage their garage's work schedule. I don't plan on buying another vehicle from this dealer and will use a Toyota dealership for future service. It's too bad because I think their sales team does a good job but any goodwill they earn is destroyed by a terrible service department.

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August 20, 2018

"Certified Car Purchase - Beware of what you buy"

- Kenzie2

UPDATE: Dunning Subaru contacted me, and said they would fix the tailgate and bumper issues, and that somehow prior to purchase my car didn't get properly detailed due to the day of the week I bought it. No one at that time mentioned it to me. So I took my car in for the scratches to be fixed yesterday. When I picked it up, the scratches had been painted, however, it was done very poorly. I actually could have done the same thing with a permanent marker. However, at this point I just thanked the Dunning salespeople, said nothing and took my car home. I assume that getting the scratches and scrapes fixed properly wasn't going to happen. The sales staff did "appear" to be helpful, they gave me a car to drive during the day while mine was in the shop, which I thanked them for. However, do yourself a favor, and if you buy a car in the winter (in my case February), take time to thoroughly look over the car, and ask for it to be washed again if there is salt on it. I wouldn't have purchased this car if I'd known it had paint and bumper damage. A certified car is supposed to be scratch free (for those scratches over an inch), and the windshield is supposed to be crack free. I also had two small cracks in my windshield that I took care of myself. They were at the line of the sun visor, so I missed those as well. So---if you are going to pay extra for a "certified" car from Dunning, do your homework on what is supposed to be fixed prior to your purchase. Don't count on them to do it properly. Take the extra time to go over the exterior of the car. Original post: I bought a "certified" 2015 Forester from Dunning in February 2018. At the time, it was snowy and there was salt on all the cars. I assumed that the car had actually been checked out per the "certified check list". Since then, once the weather improved, I realized that there were two cracks in my windshield, very long scratches on my tailgate, and hail damage on the roof. I have called the sales manager 4 times and he has not called me back. I do not think it is ethical to sell cars as certified when they have not been checked out. I know that it was my responsibility to review the car prior to taking it home, but since I didn't think to look at the roof, and the tailgate had salt all over it, I just assumed there would be honesty on the part of Dunning Subaru. I will not be buying another car from them, and will definitely spread the word. The sales manager should also have called me back. I will however, continue to leave messages until I get a response.

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Dan Taylor
Employee Rating is a new feature allowing consumers to rate their experience with individual dealership employees.

June 26, 2018


- cc0520

DON'T BUY USED CARS. I'm sure you will be find buying new, but I bought a used car beginning of June. Ford explorer 2006, 102k miles. Clean body, rode clean during the test drive. What seemed to be a pretty good vehicle. get it home not even putting 80 miles on it within the week and you can start feeling the transmission slip and when you put in reverse and give it gas - it doesn't move. Now I know I bought it As-is and you have the opportunity to take it to a third party which most do anyways. But I asked up and down if there was any issues with this vehicle and they said that there service team does an inspection on vehicles when they get trades and they didn't see anything to be cautious about. (The car was advertised with new brakes, and other items listed as being new on the vehicle, so they had to overlook the vehicle). Well I wouldn't trust there service team then because, How do you miss having to have a new transmission needing to be put in, after I didn't even drive it 80 miles from buying it. I would expect having to put up with having to do new brakes, alternator, A/C.. etc. but a transmission is a different ball game. Now I'm spending an extra $2400. For a service team to miss it or the dealership know it and not disclosing it to me is unprofessional. I trusted the service team of this dealership and I trusted the dealership in what i thought of items they should have disclosed to me of any problems. I should have walked away and bought from a private seller, but I thought buying from a dealership with a reputation would have been the better route, but guess not. Like I said buy new should be fine, but anything used I wouldn't touch or take it to their team for fixing. Thanks - Corey

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