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Fitzgerald Buick GMC Rockville


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5501 Nicholson Lane, Rockville, Maryland 20852
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Armen  Martirosjan     , Sales & Leasing, Fitzgerald Buick GMC Rockville

Armen Martirosjan

Sales & Leasing
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Jason Watts, Sales Associate, Fitzgerald Buick GMC Rockville

Jason Watts

Sales Associate
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Latest Reviews

October 21, 2017

"Recommendation for a knowledgable salesman-Jacob Camacho"

- SG

Jacob Camacho assisted me during my visits to Fitzgerald GMC. I was very impressed with his knowledge and if he didn't have an answer, he would research and follow up timely. Though I have decided to delay my purchase until 2018, I would not hesitate to contact Jacob again. In addition to his knowledge, he provided impressive customer service. Ask for Jacob Camacho - I assure you that you will agree.

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Jacob Camacho

May 23, 2017


- Disappointed customer

I had been a loyal customer for years. Paying inflated prices for service on my Buick Enclave. As a working (business owner) mother of 4, my days are very dynamic and so I just figured going straight to the dealership would streamline my repairs.... Well, a few weeks ago I decided to bring my Enclave in for a check on the a/c. It was acting up a bit and I didnt want to get caught in the dc summer without a/c. I wasnt in a big rush so when I called on a Wednesday, I arranged a Monday morning appointment for the next week thinking that would help me to get a same day diagnostic and lessen my vehicles time in the shop. But no. The appointment seems to have meant nothing. Although I called the Weds before, dropped the SUV off the Sunday night before for a Monday first thing appountment, they didnt even start looking at my car until Tuesday afternoon. Why did I make an appointment at all? Anyway, when my service guy Brian called to FINALLY tell me their findings on Wednesday afternoon, he shared a laundry list of issues with a price tag of over $7200! Of course Brian being the guy who is "looking after me" made sure to preemptively say - you might want to sit down for this one..... he was so very thoughtful of my well being. So im in shock! The car runs fine but its 7 years old with close to 100k miles on it. My mind is racing. What is this car even worth I wonder out loud on the phone? But pro active Brian is there for me! Without skipping a beat he says "i thought you would say that. I have my sales team working up a trade in estimate for your car as we speak". Still in shock I mumble my thanks and say ill wait for your call back. Brian dutifully calls me back an hour later and says the trade in is $5k and the sales team would be happy to find a new car for me. I bet they would! Meanwhile, i have looked up the Kelly blue book value for my car. I plug in the lowest condition estimate bc of course my ally Brian has just shared my car is about to keel over with his laundry list of expensive problems identified to be wrong with my car. The value is listed as almost almost 12k. 7k difference? I share this info with Brian (the discrepency between his sales guys trade in value and the listed value of my car) and he actually started chuckling at my statement. He told a story of these little old women whom he estimates to be essentially ignorant of real life valuations. They mistakenly believe their cars are worth much more than reality bc of sentimental attachments. He (chuckle, chuckle) sees this all of the time. Basically inferring that i am unintelligent and delusional about the value of my car. I found his manner to be xxxxxx, patronizing and obviously insulting. I told him i would pay their almost $400 diagnostic fee but I was coming to Rockville to pick up my car that day. No thank to the trade in or repairs. He seemed surprised. Their whole plan wasnt going as expected. He replied "no need to rush up here, im sure you have a lot to think about. If you need to take a few days its fine with us. Come talk to my sales guy at your convenience". Again such a generous and considerate guy. But tragically this dumb broad with a PhD is going to have to pass fellahs... I got my car, did some research, read some reviews and took it to a very well rated repair shop Auto Repair of Oxon Hill. I picked them bc many customers commented on their integrity and honesty. And being a DC resident, the time to travel to them in southern md, was actually a little less than travel time to Fitzgerald in Rockville. Now here is the real kicker. I made an appintment, and they did a full diagnostic that same day! Shock! Customer service as it should be - how novel. They went through the list of repair replacement items from Fitzgerald. Found half of them to be lies/wrong and some to be just incorrect. An example, the AC repair that called for a new rear evaporator ($1100) actually only needed 1 small new part. Material cost 12$, labor 25$. The total of all repairs was in the 2k range! Way less than half of the fitzgerald estimate. And they had the work done in a day and a half. My beautiful car is back and doing great! I will NEVER use Fitzgerald again. I felt like that whole set up was sleazy and I am disappointed. I was also really surprised. What drew me to Fitzgerald years ago and had kept me a loyal customer was their customer service. I would recommend staying away or at a minimum being on guard for receiving faulty, predatory information especially if you are a female and a harried working mother. I really feel like they had a preplanned script worked out to make money on me and it was gross. Beware.

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March 23, 2017

"Great service for my car"

- marial

I was very pleased with the service they provided me. My car got fixed fast and explained everything to me. I would recommend them highly!

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Employees Worked With

Giordani, Tim

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