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Gezon Mitsubishi


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3985 Plainfield Avenue Northeast, Grand Rapids, Michigan 49525 Directions
Sales: (616) 361-7361

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1 Review of Gezon Mitsubishi

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June 22, 2012

"This should explain it... I just copied and pasted my..."

- dvanreej

This should explain it... I just copied and pasted my review from yahoo. This is the worst dealership I have ever been to. After reading other peoples reviews I am somewhat relieved to see that I am not the only one. I had an issue with my car which I took in to see if they could look at it as well as another issue I was having. They said they fixed it, I drove home and it was not fixed. I went down again to fix it and had a mangager drive with me so he could hear the problem. Unfortunately my car didnt make the noise while he was in the car, I was completely embarrassed but instead of just joking around and thanking me for getting him out of the office for a bit he made me feel like i was a complete waste of time. I made another appointment to come in on a Saturday the night before and told the receptionist I would be in to pick someone up for a drive on saturday so they could hear it. I got there and you could tell the sales manager was not happy to see me. He told me he didnt have time for me. Keep in mind ive driven the 25 minutes there 3 times now over the last couple months and have delt with this car issue for way to long. I leave upset, as usual. I called mitsibishi that week to tell them that the next week if I was on that side of town for something I would stop by, they told me I couldnt just stop by and I couldnt just keep taking their staff on drives. Mind you again all I asked for was for them to take the door off to check to see if the radio wires were messed up becasue it was causing an awful fuzzy noise. They wouldnt do it unless they heard the noise. I decided to call Mitsibishi main offices to see if anyone else had this issue to save everyone some time. They hadnt heard of anything but told me they would help me. The next day I had Mitsibishi Gezon motors calling me telling me a sales rep would be there tuesday and he could meet with me and go on a drive. I picked him up and another service manager from Gezon for a drive. This was the worst expereince of them all the older sales man kept saying, " I know what it is its the ac oh wait its the air filter, I told him it was coming from the speaker but he wouldnt bend down to even see if it was coming from there! All he kept saying was, "there is no noise coming from the speaker I know that much" Well actuallly sir, there is which is why you are on this drive with me you might not be able to hear it but there IS a noise. So we pulled over so I could have the younger man sit up front. I thought he might be able to hear it with his younger ears. The sound went off non stop while he was in the car and he kept saying it was the engine noise. I told him to put his ear down by the speaker and he would be able to tell . He told me "Look ,Im not going to bend down for this whole drive" THen why did anyone even come on a drive with me? It was as if they just didnt want to hear the noise or act like it wasnt there? I swear mitisbishi is hiding something what else could it be? So anyway after refusing to admit he heard the fuzz coming out of the speaker I asked, " guys youve spent almost an hour and a half with me these last 3 visits, I feel like Im wasting your time and my time has definitely been wasted. How long would it really take for you to just take off the door and take a look? 30 minutes they said! Wow , all this and all you had to do was 30 minutes of work that you were refusing to do. They popped off the door and nothing looked awry. Put the door back on, drove home crying becasue of how badly I had been treated by those two men and what do I hear that damn noise all the way home. Guess Ill have to deal with that until I can pay a real mechanic to fix the problem even though my car is UNDER WARRANTY! the real message here is to NOT BUY A MITSIBISHI! You will NOT be taken care of if anything goes wrong without a fight. This issue has been a miserable experience for me. My husband and I planned on getting the evo next year but after this we're going with the sti instead. Thanks a lot guys.

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