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Gray-Daniels Nissan Brandon


81 Lifetime Reviews

108 Gray Daniels Blvd, Brandon, Mississippi 39042
Call (601) 863-8463

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December 31, 2018

"Excellent "

- snip_sweets

My experience with the Gray-Daniels Nissan Brandon office was excellent this time. I had a previous purchase that wasn't so pleasant. This time everything was completed electronically and they even brought my car to me. I emailed them late Wednesday evening. They quickly contacted me Thursday morning and deliver my vehicle Thursday evening. Amber and Robert provided a stellar experience. This has truly been a blessing.

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Employees Worked With

Amber Dearing and Robert Culbreth

December 03, 2018

"great experience "

- tiffany123

Everything was great from the service portal guy (Marco) I believe is his name all the way to getting updates on my vehicle every fifteen minutes I am very pleased. I recommend this dealership

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Employees Worked With

Marco, Lessie

November 28, 2018

"Not a good experience..."

- 123carthage

My experience with this dealership... I found great prices on their website and called to verify the finer details of a possible purchase. I drove 350 miles after being REASSURED of the final price, including incentives, to buy a Titan for myself and a Nissan Kicks for my wife. First off, let me say that this was a very unwelcoming business. Upon entering the dealership, nobody spoke to me, greeted me, or even asked why I was there. Not one of the nearly silent employees smiled or had the faintest hint of wanting to be there. It was clear that this was not a positive work enviroment. (Rated 1.5 out of 5 on KBB.com) My salesman showed up 15 minutes past our agreed upon time. Their appraiser returned an extremely low "Kelly Blue Book" offer and graded my less than two year old trade as "fair". The incentives offered by the dealership (and shown online) were not all that they appear to be. When questioning the salesman about the prices in person, his boss told him to refer me to "the fine print". Even the fine print differed from what the staff said. They could not offer a clear explanation of their pricing. Long story short, there was no deal made after three hours of back and forth. When I decided to leave the dealership, the location of my keys were a "mystery". It was finally determined that they were in the sales manager's office. He had conveniently called a staff meeting that went on and on. I could hear him berating the sales staff on how to present the incentives. It was the "Better do it my way" speech that all -inspiring leaders- use to chastise their subordinates. My keys being held hostage, I couldn't leave. My saleman actually told me not to go in there! I finally walked in and ask for them myself. The manager did not even bother looking up from his computer screen. This would have been my thirteenth new vehicle purchased over my lifetime. I have never had an experience like this. I was there for 3.5 hours and it was nothing but an unorganized hassle. Buy from someone who will shake your hand, look you in the eye, and allow their word to be their bond-Just don't look for it at this establishment. My favorite part... (Other than management refusing to interact with the customers or come out of their closed glass office...) Their appraisal for my trade came back at $18,300... When they brought out their offer sheet on a more expensive vehicle (that I had not even inquired about), the trade-in offer had been hidden in with a long column of numbers. It had been lowered to $17,000. They also conveniently added $999 in the same column for vehicle upholstery and paint Trucoat "protectant". Look up Fargo Trucoat scene on YouTube and that is a fair synopsis of my visit...Oh and be sure to fill out the survey that Nissan corp will send. They called to follow up

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Gray-Daniels Nissan Brandon, Brandon, MS, 39042