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Jaguar Land Rover Boston - Service Center

Boston, MA

1 Lifetime Reviews Review Dealership

1 Review of Jaguar Land Rover Boston - Service Center

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April 13, 2021

"I needed to have my vehicle diagnosed for my tires and a..."

- A.M. 2021

I needed to have my vehicle diagnosed for my tires and a heating cover. I brought my Range Rover Sport to Herb Chambers Land Rover on Comm Ave. on Sunday, a day and a half ago. 4/11/21. I drove my vehicle in with a clear dash board ZERO lights or warning signals. I knew that I needed a heating cover repair but wanted another opinion. The car was inspected and I was provided with a quote. When I drove off the lot I got half way down Comm. Ave near B.U. and a hazard light(triangle with an exclamation) came on. Seconds later a message that read "slow down or vehicle will lower" came on. Then.. a message that said my "key could not be detected". Lights and alert sounds like crazy. Never seen before. I noticed that a few of my settings were different. I live 5 mins away but had been at the Dealership for 2 1/2 hours. So, I went home, parked the vehicle and went online for answers. One article noted the messages may go away on their own. I telework so I didn't move the car again until today. Same issues. I called the Dealership. I was told that No; there were no lights on your dash when you came in.. Acknowledged, ok, no dispute there. "It's probably a sensor that needs repairing". What?! Oh really?? Because that WASN'T noted on my quote list of needed repairs. All of a sudden I need new sensors. Then I was told AND you need a battery for your key. OH.. and by the way, YES you were charged on Sunday and don't worry.. We are going to charge you AGAIN to evaluate the messages. Is this a JOKE?! This defies LOGIC HERB CHAMBERS! You are going to charge me for issues that your service department inadvertently or advertently caused? Seriously.. I had someone set my suspension for me weeks ago. Every time I get in the vehicle, I check the settings being cautious. They were CHANGED. But yah, you know what, I was told in no uncertain terms that what I was saying wasn't correct. Nowwww I am a delusional idiot as well. It's a complete coincidence that seconds after leaving your dealership My dash is suddenly lit up like a Christmas Tree? Hmmm bizarre. Messages I've never seen before magically appearing and the service dept. had NOTHING to do with it? I'm not saying something is broken I'm saying correct this issue because I didn't cause it and don't know how to fix it. A service representative Taisha spoke to a Manager, he didn't even have the common courtesy to speak to me. They have Taisha on the firing line taking one for the team. Manager Michael Malbertiano(sp?), surmised with his telepathic powers, that I would just have to pay again. I am NOT looking for anything other than to have my vehicle put back to the way it was when I brought it to the Dealership. For that, I am made to look like the bad guy. Maybe while inspecting the vehicle and moving parts around, it triggered something. Fine, but instead of making it right. They are making it my issue, to my detriment! I'm actually shocked at this business practice. Just beware. I have the itching suspicion there will be more reviews like this for the same exact reason. Reprehensible!!!! Egregious! Grace or Joyce, (I forgot her name)in the refreshments area: very pleasant. Taisha: Helpful as she could be for the situation.

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Joyce, maybe Grace..Taisha
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