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Lou Wollam Chevrolet


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488 South High Street, Cortland, Ohio 44410 Directions
Sales: (330) 638-2710

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1 Review of Lou Wollam Chevrolet

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July 24, 2015

"Let the Buyer beware - "Caveat emptor""

- EscaladeATS

I have bought 4 vehicles from out of state GM dealerships over the internet in the past 5 years, this was the only time a GM Dealer has ever failed on a major level. I asked the dealer to perform a complete diagnostic check on the truck and do a complete inspection, they provided me documentation that nothing was wrong except a bulb and rear brakes which they replaced. Only a couple days after the truck arrived the entire brake system completely failed which put my life and my kids in danger. Took it to my local GM service center and the brake lines were rusted all the way through, it was obvious that Wollam had failed to report this to me as this does not happen overnight, the brake line on one side could not even be replaced for fear that they would damage other parts of the system leading to a larger bill. My oil coolant lines rusted through only 2 months later, all & all I ended up losing $4,000 on the money I spent on the truck and took a loss to sell it to someone who wanted a project. I put less than 2,000 miles on the truck and owned it for 7 months. I wrote a letter to the President of Wollam, Mr. Pringle telling him about what happened and demanding that they purchase the truck back from me for what I paid, not the work I did. He called because he thought that I was going to sue. He told me if I was concerned about the safety of my family that I should have bought a new truck and kept repeating "I do not give permission for you to record my call" and "you bought the truck As-Is". He offered no solution or offered any remedy, he merely called to argue with me. It was really unusual. Purchasing a vehicle from Lou Wollam could cost you thousands of dollars in repairs, I would recommend going to another dealership with a strong reputation and one that only sells vehicles in good condition. This experience was what you would expect from "Bubba's Auto Sales" in the run down part of town, not a GM(Chevy) Dealership. Not only was the truck bad, the customer service did not exist. There are too many other reputable dealers that you can seek instead of risky dealings with this one.

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