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Max Auto Sales


1 Lifetime Review

4895 Johnston St, Lafayette, Louisiana 70503 Directions
Sales: (337) 989-0078

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1 Review of Max Auto Sales

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September 08, 2018

"Buyers Beware"

- marialvsdisney

BUYERS BEWARE!!! Your safety is unimportant to Max Auto Sales!! I was hoping to be able to write a wonderful, thankful review, however, after patiently waiting for over 2 months, I called for the fourth time and received a “no” answer from the evasive, Walter (manager); thus here is my truthful, and negative review. I purchased a vehicle for cash “as is” in June. The vehicle was priced at the highest amount of Kelly Blue Book value and the price was non-negotiable. Overall, I am satisfied with my purchase and expected to need to repair various small things, as in any used vehicle purchase. Alarmingly and unknowingly, we were put into a very dangerous serious issue with the rear brakes. When selling the vehicle, Max Auto Sales was most boastful about this vehicle being put through a safety/road worthy inspection, as well as, putting brand new tires on it (which was great), however, when putting on those new tires, the rear brakes were visible to the mechanic and he should have immediately seen that they were rusted to the point of malfunction. Max Auto Sales allowed me to drive my family back to the New Orleans area fully aware of that hazardous situation. I drove 144 highway miles at 70 mph back to my home that evening, and the next morning drove only 16 miles when the brakes completely gave out and the engine began overheating (which I learned was from the rusted brakes holding the van). I managed to pull safely over and get a tow to the repair shop. I am still thankful that my family was able to get home safely with the condition of the brakes. I immediately contacted the salesman, who referred me to the manager, Walter. After discussing the situation with me, he told me he would speak to the repair shop and hopefully be able to compensate some of my repair cost. I faxed him the bill from the repair and waited. Two weeks later, I called again. He again asked for “more time, he was working on it.” More weeks went by I again reached out to the salesman and Walter. It was implied to me that the owners were being contacted about the issue; Walter avoided my call. I sent a fax asking yet again for compensation; no response. Finally, I called again and Walter answered. Without any remorse or conversation he simply said “no, we will not be compensating anything.” How upsetting that the loss of some compensation to me for my repair bill is worth more than the safety of their customers. Max Auto Sales is a typical used car dealership, untrustworthy and only interested in the profit rather than the person.

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Sep 13, 2018 -

Max Auto Sales responded

Maria, First, we want to say that safety is a huge concern for us. However, regardless of how much effort and concern we put into it we still have not figured out a way to predict how and when some vehicle components will fail. Sometimes it is possible; sometimes it is not. A brake caliper locking up is one of those things that is difficult to predict, if at all. We don't want anyone to be in an unsafe condition. It's why we inspect EVERY vehicle. We are one of the few, if not the only, used car dealership here in Lafayette that has 4 full time techs whose sole job is to inspect and repair every car as needed. We have extreme confidence in our techs to inspect and repair the vehicles as best as possible. You have to remember that we ourselves also drive our vehicles. We drive them as our own, with our families in them. It is on our tech's own best interest to do the best job possible. Some cars can be repaired, and the ones that can't we send to auction. For your vehicle in particular, we spent over $1000 getting it ready. We spent $574 in parts, and $429 in labor. We worked on the sway bar links, hi and lo side valve cores, and mounted and balanced 4 new tires. We did a full safety inspection, which includes looking at the brakes. The brake pads and rotors were obviously good or they would have been replaced. It's not something we shy away from which is easy to see just by looking at the sheer number of brake jobs we do monthly. You state you were told that there was rust; we don't deny that. Every car has rust, and the older the car is the more rust it has. But rust is not necessarily a safety concern, nor does it indicate a pending malfunction. Rust around a brake happens within 24 hours; all you have to do is look at the brake rotor of any car that has sat still for a 24 hour period after the rain. In most cases, the existence of rust, and looking at rust on a housing or shield, is not sufficient enough information that our mechanic, or any mechanic, can determine that the brake caliper will lock up. Brake calipers lock up on both used, and newer cars. For your specific vehicle, we inspected it, tested, it and drove it. You can see in the attached photo that we performed an oil and filter change, and a full “used car inspection” which is how we discovered the other items that needed to be repaired and which we delineated in the first paragraph. We drove it several times running errands, and even home and back. There was no indication that there would be future brake caliper issues. There is only so much that can be done to make sure a car is in good, running, and safe condition. It is a used car; the only way to be absolutely certain would be to buy a new car instead of a used one. You said yourself that you purchased a “used” car, in “as is” condition. When we purchase any car we know there may be issues needing repair. It's the nature of buying a used car. We accept that responsibility and the cost of making whatever repairs we find it needs and that are discernible at the time. We're simply asking you to do the same. You purchased a used vehicle. You even say you did so on “as is” terms which also means you did not want to purchase the optional used car warranty. That is where our responsibility ends. That is also the point where you accept the responsibility and possibility of unforeseen issues that you may have to deal with in the future, and bear the cost of repairing those. We think it is unfair that you of course wanted to purchase the vehicle for the lowest possible cost, and then still want to hold us accountable and to bear the costs of repairing the unknown, and unforeseen future costs, at some other repair shop 2 hours away, that we can't verify. We regret that you chose to leave us a negative review, we feel it is unearned and unjust, and we are sure our customers who read this will feel the same.

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