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Midway Auto Sales


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3196 Midway Dr, San Diego, California 92110 Directions
Sales: (619) 225-0807

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1 Review of Midway Auto Sales

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June 15, 2007

"At the beginning salesperson seemed nice. I found a car,..."

- ice090684

At the beginning salesperson seemed nice. I found a car, windshield was had a slight crack. They agreed to replace it. Finalize signed all papers. They said they would call me to replace the windshield. Never called. Went down to see them, they said warranty has expired and they said they tried to call. WHICH WAS A LIE. They said they woud replace it if i put out 200 dollars and they would pay the other half. of course no deal because its suppose to be free. took out DUE BILL saying work was supposed to be done and free of charge. Salesman kept trying to find ways out of it. I had enough, I just told them that they will be hearing from my lawyers in a few hours, the manager ran out of his office and said that they will change it and pay for it. GUESS WHAT? THE WINDSHIELD ONLY COSTED ABOUT $140.00...guess they were trying to make extra cash by trying to screw me over. if u do go to their place, have a lawyer ready because these people will try to find every single way to get u. There ad says that they want costumers to have the best experiences so that they will return in the future...but all they really do is try to scam u.

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