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Southgate Mitsubishi


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16100 Fort St., Southgate, Michigan 48195 Directions
Sales: (734) 282-1313

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1 Review of Southgate Mitsubishi

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April 23, 2007

"First off I want to say that if you are going to be..."

- Wath82

First off I want to say that if you are going to be shopping at a place that says they will finance everyone, expect to get fucked. At the time about a year ago, I bought a car from them due to the fact that my credit wasnt the best and I needed better transportation. No complaints on the car and service there at the time. They did however tell me to lie (if asked) by the financing agency, that my car was an automatic, not a manual, so that I could get approved. (Supposebly you cant get manuals financed used like that). I'm sure the credit companies would love to know there doing things of that nature. That should have been the first clue that things wernt right. I wasn't planning on keeping the car for but a year, and then trade it in on a better one. So here I am a year later, trying to trade it in...and now the want to make it worth nothing to what I have left to pay off on it. Giving me rediculous figures on what a new payment would cost. Depreciating the value on my car to the extream, when they even have the same car on the lot for far more than what I have left to pay mine off. I even went and got a person to co-sign as they requested to help make a figure that they projected, and then they jumped the figure up $250 more than what they said in the first place. I will say that the salesmen that I delt with were nice guys. They will deffinetly cater to you. But when it comes to the finacing department and their head hancho that makes the final says, they will screw you hard. I mean seriously...how do you go from a figure of $300-320 to a figure of $550.. Oh and be warry of all those "discounts" that they try and say their getting for you to help with the pricing. Cause there not, their just seeing how hard they can put it to you. (Don't think this as anything bad towards mitsubishi cars, just towards this dealer).

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