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Stone's Town & Country Motors


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615 S Yellowstone Hwy, Rexburg, Idaho 83440 Directions
Sales: (208) 356-9366

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1 Review of Stone's Town & Country Motors

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October 11, 2016

"Run screaming "

- kingcl82

Don't trust Tim Yeates!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not only will Tim back out on his own deals but he will continue to lie straight to your face. Started purchasing vehicle and was completing paperwork and went onto dealers website, and magically the vehicle is on there. When asked Tim states no that vehicle isn't on there, its still back in the lot and they haven't even detailed it or touched it since it came in the weekend before. Kind of funny mileage, color, and style is all the same. Wait the VINs match too. Don't lie to my face and then when we catch you state you didn't know that they put it up. Not only did he refuse to honor the original quote given prior to test drive but continued to say that dent/scratches and windshield weren't included in the quote. How come pictures were asked on the dent/scratches and windshield prior to the quote if they weren't going to be included. Duh they were and you just want a bigger commission. I will never work with Tim or the dealer again. They may have cheaper prices but only to lure people in so they can screw them on servicing. Good Luck Tim and hope you enjoy your commission. Dale Allen, I sure wish we could have worked with you instead, probably would have not been so disgruntled.

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Tim Yeates-never again and Dale Allen-hopefully at another dealer
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