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"Great job and easy experience to complete. Nothing is hidden and takes very short time to complete. Would recommend D&M for any vehicle lease."
"My husband leased his car from Alex Z. last year and my lease just ended. I had a TON of dealers calling trying to get my business and NONE were as upfront and honest as Alex. Nor were they even the slightest bit accommodating. I knew I wanted to lease from Alex because of how satisfied my husband has been with his lease, but decided to pick the dealers' brains as the calls came in and sure enough they were only looking out for their own pockets and kept figuring out different ways to make their price more appealing, not mentioning hidden taxes and fees. Total waist of time even entertaining their nonsense. The process with Alex was unbelievably quick and completely stress-free. He was so honest. I will definitely be recommending others to Alex and will be sure to never step foot in a dealership again. "