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"I stopped by Toyota of Scranton on a Saturday morning just to set up an appointment for my 2013 Scion TC to get the Auto Butler detailing, I had originally purchased the 5 year detailing plan, but since my car is now 7 years old, I had not had it done in 2 years! As I was setting up the appointment, I asked if there would be any chance that I could have it done right then, never thinking that it could be possible, but worth a try to ask. He readily was able to get me in immediately! Not only did it get done quickly and conveniently, he informed me that my car had been slated for a recall check, so he was able to have that done as well. Upon completion, the car looked brand new! I cannot say enough about how positive the entire experience was at Toyota of Scranton, I highly recommend them!"
"Thank you Quincy for helping me get a new car. Thanks for the fast transaction, information and prompt response for my purchase. Thanks again Quincy J!!!"