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"I went to Jone’s Quick Lube and had two tires replaced on my Rv. Ben was my contact and the fellow who did the work were thorough. Clean service area and customer waiting area. "
" I went to this dealer for a new vehicle, not only was the sales department a joke but the general manager was a completely incompetent individual. After purchasing the vehicle I have had to call the dealer multiple times for different problems that I have realized we’re only caused by a lack of competence on the sales department. When I asked to speak to corporate, the general manager “biscuit“ told me that he was corporate and I could not talk to anybody higher than him. I should have read the reviews before going here. When I picked up the Motorcycle it had 0.0 miles which is the only reason I bought the motorcycle from the dealer. Thinking back, it upsets me that they did not ride the motorcycle to ensure it was safe and ready for sale. There were multiple problems with the motorcycle that I have already had to get fixed at a local dealer closer to my home. I have had to contact the dealer directly multiple times while trying to register the vehicle that I bought. Every time there seems to be more and more hassle. Keep in mind that I drove six hours to buy this motorcycle I’m not local to this dealership. If I ever return to this dealership it will strictly be because I am broke down and it is the only dealership close, and then it will be to use their phone to call another dealer to come get me. On a positive note, the service manager who I believe is named Kevin, was very helpful and knowledgeable about the motorcycle I was purchasing. I truly hate that I will not be able to interact with him again based on the pisspoor dealership he works for. "