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Eleni Fisseha
Eleni Fisseha at DCH Gardena Honda
not yet rated

Eleni Fisseha


DCH Gardena Honda

15541 S. Western Avenue
Gardena, CA 90249

1 Review of Eleni Fisseha

April 28, 2019

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"dont even consider coming to this place."

- Erik1004

THEN after the whole thing... We get home later that day... My wife's credit gets run multiple more times through many other banks. Your finance schmuck better figure out a way to say that was an accident so I don't have to report them as fraud to get the extra inquiries removed from her credit report! Why in the world is this dealership shopping my wife's credit through any banks (other than CapOne) when we already signed paperwork earlier? Then, I get emails, automated, from the dealership as if we did not purchase the car. So the salesperson, or someone marked me as a NO SALE so that way I would not be sent an email with a review link in it! I used to work in the car business, I sold cars for 10 years! I know exactly what you did... just change my email address - easier! Now here is how it begins. My wife and I were pre-approved thru cap one and called this dealership to let them know we were going to fly in from Las Vegas Sat night, and wanted to drive home right after. Going through CapOne the APR, Payment, Down Payment, and everything else is already done as I selected, so the process should be as smooth as a quick test drive, sign paperwork, and drive off into the sunset. Well not at this dealership. I called before buying my airplane tickets to make sure A. the car was available. B. the car was nice and clean just in case the pictures were deceptively hiding scratches. C. To let them know I was already a done deal (approved and wanted the car if the car was legit) I requested someone to test drive the car ahead of time as well and get back to me with their findings. I was told the car was in great condition, and when we arrived at the dealership they were right, the car was beautiful!!! While at airport I even went online and filled out their credit app (as required) so they could get everything going, so when we got there, all we had to do was sign and drive off. We get to the dealership, and not a single person greets us, offers water, asks how our flight was, or even cares to be a decent person. The sales desk had a grumpy old man that paged a salesperson that said hi, and we pretty much barely saw her the rest of the several days that were had to come back. We went on a test drive, came inside thinking the deal was done. We were ready to sign paperwork and go home. However, they would not let us drive home in the car that night. They failed to tell me before we flew from LV that they did not have a "one way driving permit" which was the only way they would let me take the car off the lot. So I told them, "I'd be happy to stay in LA if you would pay for hotel room since you knew we are trying to go home tonite." They said they wouldnt do that, but they said come back in the morning and we will try to call another store to get one. So we were basically kicked to the curb of the dealership at about 10:30 PM in an area that we are not familiar with to call hotels to get a room real quick. Nowhere nearby had a room available (under $300), we had to uber 10 miles away for the closest available hotel and pay $136 for the night at that hotel. We arrive back in the morning get ignored for the first 2 to 2.5 hours that we were there for. The finance manager was paged multiple times and he decided he was going to make us wait and wait and wait. Same with the desk manager... he wanted us to wait and wait and wait... well.. we waited. we sat in the completely empty showroom being ignored, and watched customers come in and get helped right away. I tried asking the desk manager multiple times for an update on a simple phone call to their other store, and he would not even let me finish my question to him before he would push me off more by saying, "im busy, hold on, give me a minute." then 30 or 40 minutes later, I would try to walk by the sales tower area again, and get an update, and he would respond the same exact way... this went on the ENTIRE 4 hours. He would walk up to the receptionist desk and be on his cell phone, tickle the receptionist, ignore me, tell me he is busy, tell me to hold on, tell me 1 minute, then walk away again and close the door at the sales tower. FINALLY AFTER 4 LONG HOURS OF WAITING we finally get told we have to come back in tomorrow to get the paperwork to let us take the car home. So we have to get a hotel Sunday night. At least a hotel across the street now has an open room, and is only 90 bucks. so we get that room, come back the next morning... MONDAY MORNING... We had to call our employers to take the day off work since we work monday. So we come in monday morning, finally the magical paperwork appears to be at the dealership. I suspect it was there the whole time, and the desk manager and finance who had an attitude towards me from the beginning just wanted to make me jump through all their hoops because the deal was done through cap one and they were not making any money on the financing. DO NOT BUY A CAR FROM THIS DEALERSHIP EVER!!! STAY FAR FAR AWAY!

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Other Employees Tagged: Michael Hansen , Justin Palermo, Clayton, and the 3 other worthless Finance people that we "dealt" with.

May 14, 2019

DCH Gardena Honda responded

Erik, thank you for your feedback. We never want a client to feel the way you do about the purchase process. We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service and sincerely apologize that you did not receive this level of service. I do not want to leave this experience unresolved and would appreciate the opportunity to speak with you personally. Please contact me at 310-515-5700 or email me at at your earliest convenience. I hope to hear from you soon. Sincerely, Sean Evans, General Manager

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