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Erick Caballero
Erick Caballero, Sales & Leasing Consultant, DARCARS Toyota of Baltimore
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Erick Caballero

Sales & Leasing Consultant

DARCARS Toyota of Baltimore

6007 Eastern Ave
Baltimore, MD 21224

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March 30, 2017

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- rachelb

My husband and I have had an absolutely APPALLING experience with this god-awful dealership. I urge you—for the love of all things holy—go anywhere else for your car needs. Anywhere at all. We found a Toyota on their website that we wanted to buy. We phoned Darcars and spoke to Adula, who told us they had the car and we could come the next day at 10 to try it out. We got there around 10:20—no Adula. Apparently he just hadn’t shown up yet, so we waited and waited. When he finally got there, we learned that the car wasn’t even on the lot—it was at the Silver Spring location. Even though they told us it was there. Here’s the thing with the salespeople here—they just lie through their teeth to you. We were annoyed, but agreed to fill out all the paperwork there in Baltimore, and then Adula would drive us to Silver Spring, where our car would be ready and waiting to go. Apparently the manager, Eric, had called ahead and sorted it all out. Of course when we got to Silver Spring, the car was nowhere to be found. Seems Eric had lied to us about calling them, because the car was not only seven cars back but had a dead frigging battery, and Darcars Silver Spring didn’t know anything about it. We waited several MORE hours here, reaching such a point of irritation that the manager in Silver Spring gave us his own car and $40 to go get lunch. In all, it took over five hours for us to purchase our car. But it didn’t end there. To make up for their appalling, unprofessional, unacceptable service, Darcars Baltimore offered us free car washes and gas refills. Plural. I took the car once to get the gas refill, which took about half an hour. After that, they refused to fill it again. Yesterday, we took the car to get our free car wash and to pick up our permanent registration and plates. It took them over half an hour to wash just the outside of the car. When my husband inquired, they told him to “be patient, man” and that it would be another 15 minutes to wash the inside. We told them to forget it and left. Turns out they hadn’t bothered to put our old license plates back in the car—which we needed to return to the DMV—and when we called to ask where they were, we were told we had to drive the half hour back and pick them up ourselves. Couldn’t they mail them, we asked, since it was entirely their error? No, of course not. So here we are, having to drive a half hour back to this inept, sorry excuse for a dealership, all to fix yet another of their mistakes. We will NEVER return to this place and unless you’re a total masochist don’t set foot near it.

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