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Jose Cano
Jose Cano, Sales Consultant, Tarrytown Honda
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Jose Cano

Sales Consultant

Tarrytown Honda

480 S Broadway
Tarrytown, NY 10591

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1 Review of Jose Cano

October 20, 2018

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"Horrible experience/ questionable “prices” w/o info you give"

- Wronged customer

I went to this dealership after confirming multiple times with a sweet young lady named narda. I went over quote and parameters multiple times with her confirming structure and wanting to go thru Honda financial for my lease. I Conveyed hey I don’t want a back and forth when I come and want a real price as I have a pregnant wife who is expecting in less than 2 weeks. She wanted to be there as she would be the primary driver and wanted to see if she liked it. We finally get a quote from narda and she reassured us of the price and vehicle availability which she got from her manager victor. So I agreed and came in and was planning for it to be a smooth process as I was transparent what I requested and wanted. We get there with our Lil toddler and less than 10 mins of getting there we were passed along to a sales guy jose cano who immediately has this dumbfound look of “shock” oh my there is a big mistake he says. Me and the wife loll at each other like oh boy here we go. He runs over to his GSM “Harry” who agrees ohh victor messed up man stayed by Jose while Harry agreed pit aloud.” You couldn’t make this production up and I was confused and didn’t know whether to be angry from wasting my time or laugh out loud for this piss poor performance. He comes back and says price was wrong it 40 more now and gone be $500....really?? What kind of idiots you take us for. I ask to speak with “Harry” who has no interest to address it himself.... so he comes all annoyed and give me a fake handshake and goes hello what’s the problem. I basically sum it up as nice as I could and said this is why ppl can’t stnad dealerships for these shady tactics to get through the door not to do the old bait and switch. “Harry” immediately interjects and says if you feel that way we don’t care or want your business with a smug look. I held my tongue for my wife’s and child’s sake and said ok and got up with disgust and left. No point going off on a clueless person after they wasted my time and a pregnant women. No apology no nothing must be part of the job of a I don’t give a crap manager who sits at his desk not wanting to be bothered. Neway disgusted I called back to narda who is appalled herself and says sorry over and over and says “they feel bad” and wants us to come back and they will honor the deal. Really all that nonsense to now honor the deal after I left and got On the highway. No thanks I said they would have to make it up big time for me to spend my money there. Hence following day they call and said they would drop price to $449 after staying a higher price was to low for their vehicle. Neway to the point they continued shady practices. From the beginning I told them the lesase parameters and stated I only want to do it thru Honda financial(3rd party banks have crappy contingencies). So what they disguised as a better deal and apparently “will lose” money on the deal they put it they a 3rd party bank to compensate after there horrible business practices. Thanks for nothing Harry.... and to think i was willing to still work with you after that crappy exchange I gave me the day before. It wasn’t just the phrase “we don’t need your business” but his tone when he said it speaking to a minority when your a Caucasian man. It almost hints something else. Neway good luck with this place.

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