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Julian Morales
Julian  Morales, Internet Director, Courtesy Hyundai Tampa
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Julian Morales

Internet Director

Courtesy Hyundai Tampa

3810 W Hillsborough Ave
Tampa, FL 33614

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1 Review of Julian Morales

July 23, 2018

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"Stay Away From This Place"

- Fhscheer63

I have never had such a horrific experience until I came to Courtesy Hyundai. My husband was looking to into trading his vehicle in, and he was upfront with how much he owed and his credit score. Julian told him that they will definitely be able to work out a deal and that Tim had a bank in mind and we would have an answer within 30minutes to an hour, so we went in. Julian handed up off to Austin. Austin was very informative and honest, so we thought. My husband filled out the credit application AGAIN and stated what kind of vehicle he wanted and why. This is where all the lies begin. We waited a few minutes, then Austin came back and stated that Tim the finance director was on the phone with the bank working out a deal so while we waited to hear something we went and test drove a Santa Fe Sport. My husband wasn’t too thrilled about the vehicle, so we looked at the third row Santa Fe instead. When we went back in to talk numbers, Austin came back with a breakdown of monthly payments starting at $800 a month. My husband had told him earlier that he didn’t want a payment over $420. My husband said no to that offer, then inquired about the Sonata. Austin, came back with the same paper but the payment went down to $551, Austin stated that we would have a better chance with a lower payment if I were added onto the loan because of my credit score. I didn’t want to cosign because I had just purchased a vehicle and didn’t want a bunch of inquires, but Austin assured me that it would only be 1 inquiry because Tim already had the bank of the phone. I told Austin I didn’t want anything submitted to the banks until I had an estimation on what the monthly payments might be with me on it. He stated that was not a problem. I filled out of the credit application, and we waited. 2 hours later. I get credit alerts indicating that my credit was hit not once, but 7 times. At this point, I’m pissed cause I was lied too. Austin stated he had no idea it was being submitted to several other banks. Another hour goes by, and Austin comes out stating that the bank wants to know how I was able to purchase my vehicle on my income. First of all, you don’t know how much I put down nor do know how much the total vehicle was. I was a co-signer, so I didn’t put my complete income since the car wasn’t for me, and my husband makes almost 6 figures by himself. Fast forward Austin stated the only way we can do the loan is if I was on it by myself, another lie. I just purchased a new car myself, so I know I didn’t qualify for a second loan. Another hour goes by, and we finally meet with a finance manager, but not with Tim. This guy told us there is no way we can get a loan, because of my husband’s credit score and the fact that I just purchased a car. It took 4 hours to get a NO. This finance manager told us he didn’t know much about the deal we were working out but was just looking into the computer. What happened to the bank that Tim was on the phone, what happened to the deal he was working out. We were there for 4 hours and were told nothing but numerous lies. This place is a joke. 1

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Jul 31, 2018

Courtesy Hyundai Tampa responded

Thank you for your review. Every deal is specific to each specific individual, which means every financial scenario is different. If you have any questions, I’ll be happy to speak with your further and explain your deal in more detail. Jose Fernandez, General Manager, 813-356-7501

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