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Rey Crichlow
Rey Crichlow, Sales Manager, Larry H. Miller Southwest Hyundai Albuquerque
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Rey Crichlow

Sales Manager

Larry H. Miller Southwest Hyundai Albuquerque

8800 Lomas Blvd NE
Albuquerque, NM 87112

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August 29, 2018

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"took advantage of a disabled person"

- JamHarner

My brother (I'm using a friend's yelp) who is disabled both with mental illness and MS and is on public assistance bought a car from Larry H Miller SW Hyundai for payments just under $600 per month yet he only gets $700 a month on disability. They took advantage of a disabled person and they won't take the car back - it was dropped off last Friday and my brother was placed for psych hold on Saturday. The case worker from the hospital stated my brother didn't have capacity to sign a contract and wrote a letter to this dealership. The manger Rey Crichlow refused to accept the letter because he wants to get the loan money from the bank first (my belief) before the bank finds out that my brother lacks capacity. They refuse to take my calls and won't tell us who the bank is so that we can return it. Rey says "he already got paid and he washes his hands of it" ...."you're going to have to wait and do a voluntary re-possession when the paperwork shows up" They refused to put anything into writing on this so that they must be doing something wrong to the owner and to the bank.... This sounds a little like taking advantage of someone who is unable to care for themselves.... in other words like abuse. The Finance Manager; Tina is refusing as well. I will contact the bank as soon as the paperwork is received and tell them that I think that this dealership is trying to pull a fast one on the bank as we are only trying to mitigate the loss to the parties here. Terrible unethical scoundrels!

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Aug 31, 2018

Larry H. Miller Southwest Hyundai Albuquerque responded

Hi James. I’d like to get more information from you regarding your note. Please contact me at (505) 559-9644 at your convenience. Thank you, Valentin Borissevitch

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