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john lubs
"my honda pilot has been taken from me by honda of salem.They have failed to make repairs and have left me waiting endlessly to get it back from them.Its been there for months.I have to have vehicle removed from property as they keep it and don't fix it.Also promised me a replacement rental vehicle and failed to pay for it leaving me the bill.!"
"Leased a car from central auto group. Initially it started out wonderfully but quickly the relationship soured. I swept it under the rug until i went to go change my brakes and realized the lug nuts were not standard lugs. I called the dealership and told them that i did not have the key and believe it was never in the car. Don from the service department told me that i was lying and that he finds it hard to believe that the key never came with it. (Mistakes don’t happen). Didn’t think a repeat Hyundai customer would be turned away so easily. I won’t be returning. "