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Micheal Whitaker, Sales Consultant, Auto Plaza USA

Micheal Whitaker

Sales Consultant
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Ofelia Gonzales, Sales Consultant, Auto Plaza USA

Ofelia Gonzales

Sales Consultant
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PJ S, F&I, Auto Plaza USA


Employee Rating is a new feature allowing consumers to rate their experience with individual dealership employees.
Tim  Nease, Manager, Auto Plaza USA

Tim Nease

Employee Rating is a new feature allowing consumers to rate their experience with individual dealership employees.

Latest Reviews

November 23, 2016

"I would rather drive to Paris for a Dan Cummins deal!"

- auto-plaza-usa-rip-off

They had a car listed online that I wanted to purchase. I wen't in and was greeted by a fellow veteran named Justin who served in the Marines. While test driving the car it leaked a little radiator fluid so they inspected it and claimed that it was just a thermostat and that they had fixed it. All seemed fine until I got almost home and the car began to overheat. Turns out that the heads are leaking and the aluminum engine block is cracked things that where obviously noticed or they have a really inept mechanic. I would venture to say both is probably the issue. I do admit that I placed to much trust in Justin with his line of bullsh*t because he did a good job with the veteran act. Justin assured me he would take care of it then wen't on to promptly change his phone number. I wen't back into the dealership and he pulls me off to the side and starts to tell me how his manager Tim told him they already sold me the piece of sh*t and they are not fixing sh*t while it was on the rack and that he would not be working there very much longer because they are crooked. I wen't back in after receiving my title and the floor manager got the GM Tim who lied through his chubby gerbil-cheeks promising me he would look into it and make it right. Never heard from those crooks again. I am used to honest service from "Dan Cummins" where I bought my other vehicle that runs like a champ (2 years now) and which they have already fixed the transmission on, no questions asked so I learned a valuable lesson costing me 3700$ cash and a good running Dodge Caravan. If only Dan Cummins had an old ass Cadillac I would never had to deal with these turds.

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November 10, 2016

"Purchased 2007 White Odyssey Van from Mike Whitaker"

- Daniel P.

most everything about the transaction went well. Mike was very curious and expedient. Very knowledgeable about the car. No high pressure sales techniques. very quick trip through the finance department. All documents well explained.

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October 22, 2016

"I would never buy from here again..ever ..or refer someone "

- Kimberlyhill032015

Hello I am changing my review again .. I first had a bad experience with this place so I wrote a bad review and then I thought they were gonna fix the issues so I changed to a better review.. so now I'm changing it again and I should have never changed it in the first place .. I would never ever buy a car from here again or recommend any one to buy a car but that's just me ... I just got my car back after 31 days after signing paper work because they sold me a bad car and tried to stick me with all the repairs but it took them 31 days to fix it , if it's even done correct.. .. This is exactly what happend. I Went in Oct 15th . Sales guy met me fairly quick because I had been going back and forth with them on the Internet . My work schedule was crazy and didn't have time to get in to view cars so I went ahead and did my paper work over the computer because it would save time and it did because they approved me just needed to find a car. So finally went in and found a car.. the car I found and liked was pulling to the left real bad and had a few other issues so I told the sales guy . Well you know where the paper is where it says any issues with the car and u mark the issues well he told me not to write it down because the bank would frown about it and he'd fix it .. well me of course was hessiatant so I told the finance guy when we went in his office and he said no no no and he wrote down the issues the car had or at least I thought he did . Well anyways I couldn't take the car that night because I had no insurance yet so they told me the car be fixed by Monday the 17th..well I came back that Monday the 17th of October and they said the car be fixed. Well when I came the car wasn't fixed so I left with the car because they told me to bring it back on the 22nd of Oct. The car starting making a bad noise at this time and they told me they couldn't fix it then and id have to wait till the 22nd so It could be fixed and when I came back it already sounded worse and couldn't really drive it but the mechanic didn't show up to fix it so at this time I was upset and the manager Tim offerd me a free oil change . I was upset cause he was arrogant and didn't fix the issue . Then I left again this is the 22nd and was told to bring it back the 24th well when I left I went to pick my son up and the car got worse so I called for hours and finally the manager called me back and told me he was upset I wrote a bad review on them and was rude to me .. well that was the 24th I brought the car and set there for hours for them to tell me it be another day to be fixed . So they gave me a loaner which was aLeo a car they were also selling cause I needed to go to work except the loaner had issues cause the power steering went out while I was driving that car and they had to come out to my husbands work in another county to bring me another car to drive .. at that point I knew these cars were junk and on top of that the next car they brought had a nail in the tire because the tire pressure light was on .. anyways the next day I went back and was upset because the car wasn't fixed still and they kept trying to tell me for days it be ready 2 morrow or the next day . Finally another day came and they said they needed a special part and had to order it and then the excuse it wasn't ready because they sent the wrong part so they had to wait for that part so it was more time and another day then when that day came I came there to get the car and they tell me they lost the part for the car so I left mad because they had to order another part at this time they said they had to order from the Buick place and some of the part be there the next day and the rest parts take another 3 days .. didn't make since . Ended up taking 31 days total to get my car for a oil pan leak and a strut which the oil leak was told was fixed prior to me finding out it wasn't fixed still cause oIL was still leaking bad when I seen it on the lift. They promised me 5 oil changes and my tint to be done for my hassle .. still my tint not done and the guy who does it still isn't getting back to me or returning my calls and again it took 31 days and all they can say is they went far and beyond to fix these issues because this car was sold as is .. smh there is no way they didn't know these issues with these cars and they don't service them.. why would u sell a car to someone if you don't service them . And why don't u make sure they have fluids in them. My car had no oIL or coolant in it.. I couldn't get out of the loan because the bank already cut them a check .. I haven't had my car until yesterday or got to really drive it and my car payment do and I paid already to insurance for down payment and already made another payment .. how can I have a car payment if I haven't even had a car not to mention was promised tint and no tint . And I was promised my car payment date be changed and have none of these .. I will never come back here ever .. worst car experience ever .. my husband just bought a car yesterday from amother car lot and had nothing but a good experience and they even did a check list with them and already added a good warranty.. as for mine they charged a high price for my warranty .. bad bad bad ..

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