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2308 Belair Rd, Fallston, Maryland 21047
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Brian Bush, Gm, Auto Showcase of Bel Air

Brian Bush

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Latest Reviews

December 08, 2016

"Can you say..Terrible. .worst,sucks,unbelievable,don'bother"

- Dennis Heflin

Started talking to 'Gary' about a 2005 Ford. At first he was helpful. 2ND day the entire buying experience became the worst ever.Twice I started to drive the 60 miles. Good thing i called them on my way for the truck was not there.The 'truck'was at the 'other' lot. After 2 days of every excuse they could come up with the truck made it to Glen Burnie. I started to talking to Shawn the new sales Manger of 2 weeks (so I was told). He was full of excuses as well....We were sooooo busy.We were short handed.I explained to them I had cash and was ready to buy.On the 4th day I was informed they could not sell me the truck because I lived in Maryland? I was informed that I should find someone in another state to buy it for me and then sell it to me!! WTF.?? After talking to the 'old' manager who stepped down..? He informed me he would find out what was really going on by 12:00 the next day latest. 4 1/2 days later with no contact as told I have had enough. I have been buying trucks for 45 years.This has been the absolute worst attempt to give money away!! This dealership lives up to the CLICHE ' used call salesman). NEVER DEAL WITH THESE PEOPLE!!! Just saying.

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December 02, 2016


- Abc34x

My fiancé and I purchased a truck that broke down with in 6 hours of purchasing it. This has been nothing but a night mare. We are out over 35,000 between missed work, tow truck fees, repairs, etc. We had to have the truck towed there three days after purchasing it, because they said they would "take a look at it". While it was there they decided to further vandalize it, all of which we have pictures of. The dealership has done nothing to help, even at one point threatening to call the cops. We now have a 2008 f350 that does not run. My fiancé got to drive his "new" truck for 6 hours, ever! Now on top of all this, we are having to pay lawyer and attorney fees and miss even more work and wages to sue this crooks. PLEASE DO NOT BUY FROM THEM, IT WILL BE THE BIGGEST HEAD ACHE OF YOUR LIFE. We are a newly engaged couple who has had to push back our wedding plans because we have had to spend so much extra money on this vehicle. It is truly saddening that these crooks continue to get away with this. I kept wanting to give them the benefit of the doubt, but even the MVA was very familiar with them when we went in to file a report. We have also found a wonderful attorney who has had dealings with them before, and she says that this is nothing new for this dealership! BUYER BEWARE!!

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November 19, 2016

"Extremely poor customer experience, do not recommend"

- jafrank

On Nov 4th, I was basically thrown out of the showroom for wanting to test drive the 2015 Q70 by Eric and his manager. I share this as a lessons learned to improve your customer relationship management, or you're not going to be around long. Earlier in the week, Monday Oct 31st, I met Eric at the dealer after chatting on the phone about the Q70. After seeing the vehicle, it was suggested that I call in advance to make arrangements, so the car could be taken off the show room floor. I did just that on Friday the 4th. Upon arrival, I was sat down to negotiate a price and agree to it, before going near the car for the arranged test drive. In addition, I was misled by the internet price, the advertised price on the vehicle, and the price shared by Eric, which was $3k more. After suggesting to Eric that I'd gladly consider discussing price, after a test drive... he went and chatted with his manager. Upon return, he shook my hand and said have a nice day. Needless to say, this experience was rather entertaining, in that this dealership was very unprofessional, did not put the customer first, and demonstrated a clear disregard for business fundamentals. Yep... this third class organization lost a motivated cash buyer who's been driving Infinities for the last decade. Later that day I patronized a true professional car dealership and was extremely satisfied! I offer this non-buying experience to the management and future customers as an example of my experience at the Auto Showcase in Fallston. First and last time I attempt to shop at a "non-reputable" car dealer. Enjoy!

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