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Bob Moore Mazda


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13045 N Kelley Ave, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73131
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November 29, 2016

"Good experience"

- Kimer123

They are so patient in dealing with us and made things possible to work with our budget. I will surely recommend this site to my extended family.

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October 11, 2016

"2016 CX9 Signature purchase fro,m Matlin Mixon"

- James Frazier

Going to be quick. I HATE car shopping, but, with the new and ONE PERSON you deal with format of the dealership, it went pretty quickly and Mr. Mixon was nothing but helpful, nice, informative, hell, he even came to my home and got my other car which was part of the trade. I have always loved Mazda's, this Signature CX9 is unreal, so yes I am happy, Mr. Mixon was a large part of that and should get a pat on the back at least ! Keep it up guys, you are doing something right, and Matlin Mixon is from what I see a large part of that, roll on guys :)

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October 06, 2016

"Not a good experience"

- ReevesT

I live about an hour and a half away from this dealership. I contacted them online regarding a vehicle I was interested in. The first day was great, they responded and acted like they were working to get some kind of offer for me. The next day I emailed pictures of my current vehicle and waited 4 hours to hear back from someone. No response. So I call and the person I sent them to had not even checked their email. From there I was told that they would turn it in to their finance and call me as soon as they had an offer or some kind of update. I never got a response from that point on. I tried to communicate several different ways and could not get a response. I tried the only chat and was told "I havent heard anything" and that was all. Then I tried the text option and the only response I got was "add me to your contacts" and nothing after that. I tried emailing the person again and never a response. I finally called after I got off of work and the male worker they sent them too was extremely rude and acted like I was bothering him and tried to transfer me to someone else who could deal with me. I finally just hung up. Basically I got the run around. To me it seems like if you dont have perfect credit they basically just ignore you and dont want to deal with you or even tell you they cant help you. Very disappointed.

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Bob Moore Mazda, Oklahoma City, OK, 73131