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Carey Paul Honda


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3430 US-78, Snellville, Georgia 30078
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October 05, 2016

"Crooked!!!! "

- John

This dealership is full of crooks.... My fiancé and I bought a used car from them only to be told 3 weeks later that the loan didn't get approved and that we needed to bring the car back. Then they started they had found a lender to write the loan come on in and sign the papers plus they were gonna take a truck we have and pay it off as an additional trade. But when we couldn't drop everything and leave our jobs the next morning the salesman got mad and said that loan couldn't get approved.so I called the original finance company who told me" my loan was never rejected just sent back to the dealer for clairifacation. One item in question was the down payment that they never received proof of When I tried to call the dealer about this nobody including the general manager would return my calls or speak to me. I had to call honda America who assigned a medeator to help resolve this.

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September 22, 2016

"Ask for Justin Pounder if you want to buy a car."

- Old lady

I had not bought a car in 10 years and for the first time ever I looked at a used car. Justin Pounder was patient and answered all my questions. And, I had a LOT of questions. He helped me understand all the new computer and safety equipment on a used Honda HR-V. Justin was fun to talk to and not 'pushy' like other car salesmen I had dealt with over the past 30 years.

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September 20, 2016

"Just not the dealership for me..."

- Unsatisfiedcust

I visited Carey Paul on several occasions. There were several recalls,and an EXPIRING warranty extension. I was told to make my appt. for the OIL CONSUMPTION WARRANTY. I had just gotten an oil change, and was advised to bring it back at the end of the current oil change so they could complete an oil change and have me come back. Only after having the oil changed there twice, they told me I needed to replace the oil pan. Had oil pan replaced ELSEWHERE. I called back and was told my car wasn't covered. I asked twice, is there a time limit and was told no. Just did not understand why, if the car wasn't covered why did you have me coming back and forth as though it was. The car belongs to my daughter( she's in the arm forces, oversees) . I fought HONDA there. When people are abroad fighting and protecting our country, why wouldn't you give them some type of waiver or extra time? Why would the dealer make you aware of the time frame? This is only one issue with CAREY PAUL HONDA STONE MOUNTAIN. Couldn't find me in the system, went in to get a key programmed, only to end up with a replacement key. The key somehow wiped everything out and the car wouldn't start. The tech kept telling them it's the key. Most of the time, if not all of the time, the dealer will NEVER admit when they've screwed up ! We will be replacing 2 vehicles this year and possibly purchasing our youngest a vehicle. I would not even think about CAREY PAUL HONDA, they were horrible !!!

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