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Fuller Ford Inc

900 W 8th St, Cincinnati, Ohio 45203
Sales: (513) 352-5800

Makes: Ford | Service Center
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Fuller Ford Inc
900 W 8th St,
Cincinnati, Ohio 45203
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"Liars Theives"

Sunday 11/8/15 6:30pm 2015 Ford Fusion (4500 miles purchased 5/2015) died and was unable to gain entry into the vehicle while visiting my sister in Mt Adams (Cincinnati OH). (drove from dayton ohio on Friday 11/6/15) Couldnt unlock car due to dead battery(2nd time since 7am 11/6/15)-called Ford roadside assistance to help 11/8-10:05 Roadside assistance sent a tow company from walton ky-didnt tow without entry bc of potential damage 11/9 12/14am-KY Auto Service in Erlanger/Elsmere Ky towed to Fuller Ford- 11/9/15 10:15am-spoke with Rob in service from Fuller Ford-infromed me that roadside did not advise me correctly and they would need keys to gain entry and start vehicle--11:20am-arranged to drop off keys at Abra collision on Webster Rd so parts person could pick them up while picking up parts-told that I would hear back later Monday 11/10-Todd (service manager) called and stated they would get around to looking at my vehicle on Weds (11/11) 11/11-Todd left message stating car was started and indicated 0 miles left-stated my car was "running on fumes" took 4 hours to charge battery and they cant figure out what is wrong because they need gas-called back after I left work and got a sales person because Steve (GM ) and Todd (service manager) were in a meetingstated they needed permission for gas to charge me-told them I had at least 60 miles left--sales person stated he wanted Todd to explain things 11/12-Todd called around 1pm -asked me if car died while i was driving it?????? Stated they didnt put gas in because they needed permission because they wanted to charge me the gas -told me it would only be about 5 or 10 bucks-stated car was brought with 0 miles-told them that couldnt be-they stated it was so-stated if they cant figure out what is wrong i need to come get it 11/13-stated car was fine and I needed to come get it-explained that it dies twice with a day in between where car wasnt driven so, I asked if they let it sit a day then try starting it and checking voltage-Todd stated they didnt stated i needed to come get it-told Todd I was not comfortable-something was wrong-Todd was frustrated and ALLOWED me to leave the car over the weekend to see if it had problems 11/16/15-called fuller around 10am-Robbie answered and radio to Todd asking how car started-Robbie stated Todd said car was running fine and they just wanted to do 1 final test-get a call back at 30minutes later from Todd stating "I have news-the battery failed" I said hmm-other guy said it started right up and was fine-Todd back tracked and miraculously figured out after 7 days the battery was bad-stated battery would be replaced and ready in early afternoon-call at 2 30 when I am 20min away-stating car would not be ready until 3 30pm-asked if they could deliver the car and meet me-Todd was rude and refused to allow me to speak with anyone else and said "WHAT DO YOU WANT ME TO DO..WE ARENT DELIVERING YOUR CAR" 11/16 5:20pm-called Fuller service-stated I was on my way AGAIN...asked if they could leave my keys in car so I could pick up incase late-stated fine 11/16/15 6:10-arrived at vehicle to check that vehicle was in ok condition-had 5$ and 39cents in middle console..untouched-looked in trunk which was unable to be accessed without key entry or battery charge (fuller ford reported it took 4 hours to charge) was ransacked-left an old license plate-spare tire lid was disheveled and easily opened-(i have never accessed or opened lid where spare tire is kept)screw driver was next to spare tire- two jackets were missing and my brand new duvet by jennifer lopez...gone-no forcible entry or dirty/damaged seats or anything resembling a break in. Saw an employee leaving dealership...parked 2 spaces from my vehicle-approached him and he identified himself as Steve the GM-I reported the missing items, disheveled trunk, and situation-asked if I should file a police report-told me not to--stated service may remove items if possibility of damage-also mentioned the possibility of tow truck being responsible 11/17/15-call from steve the GM, on voicemail, stating there was a good chance vehicle was probably broken into when it was dropped off on Monday morning at 12:14 am-stated cameras was incapable of showing any activity- 11/17/15-called tow company to figure out notes on vehicle and protocol -stated notes read "vehicle was dropped off at Fuller Ford, locked and will leave keys in drop box, if provided"-states it is company policy to lock when dropped off Steve Hayhow and Todd Schachleiter were completely unapologetic or empathetic to my situation that occurred on their lot-they are the epitome of scummy, sleazy car salesman. Sadly, the Ford dealership I purchased from speak volumes of Ford and are a phenomenal dealership. Fuller Ford is a joke and their company operates with ZERO ethical principal-they want to charge someone over 10 or 5 dollars in gas and hassle them and refuse to work on a vehicle and have theft occur on their lot and irresponsibly blame anyone else- If you are wanting to purchase from quality people who care about their customer and understand ethical business practices...STEER CLEAR OF FULLER FORD-service is a disorganized mess who I wholeheartedly believe stole my property from my vehicle and tried to blame the area they are located in and state their security system is inept. I plan to contact the newspaper, customer relations, social media and every other avenue to see that this dealership learns a lesson to take responsibility and doing what is right is how business is suppose to be conducted-ethics is just a word but a practice that they obviously have never heard of or dont understand the meaning

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Steve Hayhow GM and Todd Schachleiter Service manager

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