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Joey Accardi Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram


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909 S Federal Hwy, Pompano Beach, Florida 33062
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Ronald Kellenbenz, Fixed Operations Director, Joey Accardi Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram

Ronald Kellenbenz

Fixed Operations Director
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Latest Reviews

November 16, 2016

"Terrible dealership find another place to spend money"

- Ellen Miller

I bought a 2013 Chrysler 200 with approximately 25000 miles on it in April of this year 2016. 1 month after purchase the brakes started grinding. Took the car in to be looked at and the brakes were replaced at no charge to me because the car was still under warranty. 3 months later the brake light came on again. I was due to drive to Ohio for my daughter's wedding which is a long drive so I needed an oil change etc. Was told at purchase I had 4 free oil changes. Took car in told them the brakes were starting to grind again and also needed oil changed for a long driving trip. When the oil change was done I was informed that I didnt have free oil changes coming because I had bought a used car. Ok.... Asked if they took care of 2nd brake issue and was told yes they fixed the problem but might grind a bit due to dust. The car was still under warrenty. I took the car in on November 15th once again about brakes. After a 2 hours run around I was told the mileage was now over warrenty so I woukd have to pay for the brakes labor etc. They had put brakes on twice since April. I left when the used car side told me to come back in the morning to look at the issue. I was furious. Learned the brakes were never looked at the 2nd time. When I brought it back I was told the pads had 80% still and I was good to go. I had to insist the service guy drive the car and then tell me what the problem us. They didnt bother to even drive it. After he did I was told the rotors were bad and needed replaced. I was furious. The sales manager I suppose offered me $ 150.00 to reface rotors when tech said to replace. I could use the $150.00 towards the purchase of new rotors as well. When I originally brought the car in it was fully under warrenty twice. Found out second service didn't do anything when I was told they did the brakes. Again I was furious because had they done their job my rotors would have been fully covered by warrenty and I was lied to. I drove a car to Ohio with bad rotors which was extremely dangerous and had my grandson 5 yrs old with me. When I wasnt grateful for the $150.00 offer and was angry instead I was told to leave and they wouldn't work on the car now period. All the service records showed my concern for the brakes while under full warrenty coverage yet no one bothered to look until I forced them to drive it. Not only did they lie to me about work done and free oil changes etc but they allowed me to drive a car that was potentially dangerous because they didnt care. They also due to laziness or just not caring put me in a position where I now must pay for what should have been warrenty work. Hundreds of dollars. Needless to say they arent doing the work. Dont buy from them. Too many other decent dealerships to choose from.

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October 02, 2016

"Bad customer interaction "

- Allen

went in to purchase a new Jeep. When it came to the payoff of my vehicle, I gave it to him and explained I had just gotten it from the bank. the general manager came over demanded I call again and get a more accurate payoff. I tried to explain the payoff I gave him was accurate. the general manager became rude and very condescending, and would not do an appraisal we left.

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September 30, 2016

"Problem rectified "

- Reesebaby

Thank you Ron for taking care of your customers and doing the right thing. I'll be back because of you. I have a Jeep that will be services by Joey Accardi Jeep.

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