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Maltbie Chevrolet


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1794 State Route 9, Lake George, New York 12845 Directions
Sales: (518) 668-5736

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1 Review of Maltbie Chevrolet

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September 14, 2015

"This place "

- kelliannek

First of all I have to say I am extremely disappointed in your service department. I take my Chevy Malibu in to get serviced for a thermostat to be replaced I make an apt for thurs September 3 at 8am, I drop it of on Weds September 2 at 4:30PM, You told me right then and there that part was covered under warranty. I ask you if you had a courtesy car I could drive because I work in Albany and you give me a disgusting 2005 impala that has a service engine light on for an airbag, it wasn't washed, the inside was gross, it was unsafe, the radio didn't even work. Thursday night my car hadn't even been looked at yet despite the appointment we made, Friday I'm still driving around in an unsafe vehicle that you loaned out even though there were plenty of newer safer cars on the lot and as of Friday at 3:30 my car still wasn't even looked at. Finally at 4:30 someone calls me and tells me they have to order a part for my car. I requested to pick my car up because I didn't want to drive in the death trap that you loaned me. My part comes in and I had another appointment today and low and behold all of a sudden my part is no longer under warranty and you went ahead and fixed it without telling us it would cost us money. I don't have a problem paying getting my car fixed as a matter of fact you can tell by my service records I keep my cars very well maintained, but when you tell me it will be no charge its covered under warranty and its really not and you fix it without asking me first then charge me is that great customer service to you?? Do you think I want to take my car to you again to get serviced? the answer to this is NO! Never again will I take my car to you ever, nor will I buy a car from you and I am a faithful Chevy owner. As I own not one but two 2013 Chevy Malibu's. I will go to DePaula or Northstar Chevrolet from now on for anything done on my vehicles. Your dealership has no integrity, you apparently don't care or value the safety of your customers, or you wouldn't have given me a piece of crap to drive that doesn't even pass inspection, and you have no common courtesy, or you would have simply would have called me and said "I'm sorry ma'am, We were mistaken, the part that you need is not covered under warranty would you like us to fix it for x amount of dollars or would you like us to reschedule for a better time?" That would have been the right thing to do, the respectful thing to do. I hope that Chevrolet sends me a survey to fill out like it always does, because the company needs to know how your representing its company. Maltbie maybe your franchise but Chevrolet is the business. I will also let each and every person I know about your lack of customer service skills and how we were treated as customers.

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