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April 22, 2017

"San Tan Ford Treats You Like Family"

- Jack King

I would like to share my experience of purchasing a 2017 F-350 Lariat from San Tan Ford. This all began with one my fleet trucks, a 2014 F-350 XLT having a “check engine” light alert me to a unknown problem with the motor. My office manager told me about his experience working with San Tan Ford and he recommended I give them a call and to check their schedule for repairing the truck. I spoke with Larry Nelson, one of the service advisors and explained my dilemma. I told him I would be in the very next morning at 7:00 to drop the truck off. When I arrived at their facility the next morning a little before they opened, I received a call from one my crewmembers who was driving another of my fleet vehicles, a 2016 Ford F-350. A “low fuel pressure” warning resulted in the motor stalling and would not restart. Talk about murphy’s law. This meant I now had both the 2014 & the 2016 trucks unavailable for work, leaving only my 2012 truck to complete the work for the day. To say I panicked a little on the inside would be to put it mildly. However, within 2 hours I had the 2016 truck towed to their facility, where both trucks were brought into the service bays. I watched with wonder and amazement at the efficiency of the service department and how they handled both of my unfortunate situations. He smiled and then explained San Tan Ford provides service for many of the larger fleets, such as the Border Patrol, Ambulances, Police among others. I could feel he had a real sense of my urgency to get my 2 fleet trucks repaired so they could be back in service. He had a couple of available technicians diagnose the problems quickly, and it turned out the 2014 had a defective CAM sensor and the 2016 had a defective fuel pump, which they promptly fixed the very same day. They did want to hold onto the 2016 for a few hours the next day to drive it on the highway for a period to be sure there would be no surprises, and I agreed it was a good idea. Wow! I had never had a dealer fix a problem on one my trucks in the very same day, let alone 2 different problems on 2 different trucks. What a pleasant surprise this was. Long story short, I decided my company needed to purchase another truck to add to my fleet of 3 trucks and make it 4 trucks, just to be sure if 2 trucks broke down at the same time, I would not find myself in the same predicament again. Larry introduced me to John Dye, one of the Commercial Fleet Salespersons working there. I explained I was in the market for another truck, but did have any time or energy to play the stereotypical game usually associated with a vehicle purchase. He assured me I would get straight answers and be treated properly and with no waste of my time. He researched the inventory currently on hand and what was expected to be arriving soon. I choose a 2017 F-350 Lariat – FULLY loaded, which was to arrive at their facility in reasonably short amount of time. This gave me time to order an air hitch from Air Hitch Technologies and make arrangements with my graphics company for a vehicle wrap. John certainly went out of his way to be transparent and not only gave me the rebates due from Ford Motor Company, but also a very nice discount off the sticker price. The day I picked up the 2017 truck was a very good experience, starting from the time I arrived. The truck was out for the morning getting the new Inyati Bedliner installed. During this time, I completed the finance potion of the purchase with Jason Zakaras. He used a coupon from Ford to lower my interest rate by about 1/2%, and also added 1 year to the term of my warranty at no additional charge. 15 minutes later with all the final paperwork complete, I wandered into the lobby, where I could observe the activity and day to day operations of San Tan Ford. What I saw of everyone there reminded me of families who are close and communicate well together. I personally met Tim Hovik the General Manager and the Owner of San Tan Ford, who told me if there was ever anything I needed, not to hesitate to reach out to him. He even gave me his direct line, along with his email address. Later, I observed all the staff sing happy birthday to one of their employees and it was indeed an event typical of family members who care, yet taking place in a business setting. I was a little envious a company this large could find this kind of balance between work and comradery, but here it was right before my very eyes. When the truck was ready after the final detailing, I discovered they had also provided me with a full tank of fuel. Hmmm! I just kept getting these little pleasant surprises all day long, and there was nothing phony about it. It appeared everyone just wanted to be helpful and enjoyed their jobs. Even the young man who explained all the gauges and electronic technology took great pride in showing me all the latest features Ford had put into my new truck. I can honestly say I have never had such a good experience with a company, lasting over several weeks as I have had with San Tan Ford. Thank You Again Everyone! Regards, Jack King President - Arizona Home Floors, LCC President - DustRam, LLC

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April 20, 2017

"Ford f150"

- Offroad1000

Great experience. The sale was low pressure and overall an enjoyable experience. I highly recommend this dealership to anyone looking for a car or truck

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April 12, 2017

"A fantastic experience"

- ChrisHoewing08

This is the first car I've bought, and it was an amazing experience. All you hear about dealerships is how scary and overwhelming they are, but this was far from it. Everyone was so kind and helpful and I would definitely recommend San Tan Ford to anyone I know!

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