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February 27, 2017

"Thank you."

- Leslie

I've been loyal to Shelor service for a few years because they treat me with respect and listen and their former shuttle driver, Tommy, was a dear. After an accident, I was in need of a car; I'd always said that my next car would come from Shelor. After a less-than-stellar experience with one sales person who really just couldn't get on my page, I was disappointed enough to not even go back for service when I got a new car. A manager called me to ask about my experience, and I was honest. I said I was disappointed in the salesperson and in the cars he showed me. I told him brands and saw none of them; I am not an uninformed car buyer. I knew what I wanted and what my max budget could get me elsewhere, and I knew what I'd settle for if it came down to it. The manager was kind and said he'd put me with a different salesperson if I would return. Daniel Paige made buying my car not only easy but a pleasure. He showed me two Toyotas (my preferred brand out of the ones I would look at). The first had some of the extras I wanted (cruise control, an auxiliary input), but the mileage was a bit high. Then he showed me another car on his computer screen - the car I'd initially inquired about online which led me to a web sales manager who paired me with the first salesperson. Without mentioning that car to Daniel, he picked it out and let me drive it (going with me, which the last salesperson did not do). It didn't have some extra things that mean comfort (cruise control, power windows, remote entry/lock), but I'm even beginning to appreciate the simplified driving there. The other things it didn't have were or will be easy and fairly inexpensive to add later - a new stereo (which I am happy for because now I get to be picky about it) and floor mats. Daniel and the manager did a lot of work with me to get this to a price that I could afford, and they respected my position on absolutely NOT wanting to finance. Not only did I end up with a car that I love, but I also had a great time. Daniel kept me laughing the entire time; he renewed my loyalty to Shelor and treated me like he valued me as an individual and not just a possible sale. He is a genuinely pleasant and fun person, and I am so glad the manager got me to come back to work with him. I couldn't have imagined having that much fun spending thousands of dollars I didn't expect to have to spend. Thank you, Daniel. :) I love my car and really appreciate the experience.

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February 27, 2017

"Affordable "

- Anthony

Speaking with representative informed him the price range that I was looking for and was able to find a van within the price range and within a matter of time was signing papers and out of the dealership. Wor King with Adam Hankins was such a pleasure and enjoyable experience. I hate to be pressured and force into things. As some salesman try to put u in a vehicle of their choice Adam listen to us and allowed us to choice from a variety of vehicles

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February 26, 2017


- RachelandAnna

We had a great experience. Our sales specialist, Daniel, was amazing and went above and beyond to help us out. We definitely will go back to Shelor for our next purchase!

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