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Subaru of Glendale


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1308 South Brand Boulevard, Glendale, California 91204
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October 26, 2016

"They stepped up big time!"

- Bspringer398

I had an issue before but Enrique, Jobe and Christian really stepped up! I'm glad that everything worked out the way it did. Thanks guys

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April 11, 2016

"Dealt with Jojo, couldn't be happier"

- mediaoffline

Due to an organization I'm a member of I had access to Subaru's VIP pricing, basically gives a small discount on the price of the car in an effort to avoid haggling. I emailed Subaru of Glendale about a new Crosstrek and Jojo called me back shortly after. We spoke a couple times during the day, he gave me the price and I ended up going in to the dealership that night. I had already arranged my own financing but they were able to go half a percent lower so I went with them, plus the final cost of the car ended up being lower than the quote he gave me. Only hiccup at all was discovering that the brand new car (still wrapped in plastic) had a dent in the bumper that must have happened during transit. They scheduled a time when the bumper could be replaced for me so I wound't be settling for anything less than a new car. I'm not sure how much of my experience was due to the VIP program so your experience may vary but I fully recommend Jojo and the dealership.

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April 03, 2016

"Horrible new car sales customer service"

- gflash44

Most ridiculous and fraud filled day of attempted car buying. I had a deal through Costco. George Davidagayan found a car that fit what we wanted and told me to come up and get it on Saturday. Got my cashier's check and drove the 40 miles with my son that was getting the car as a college graduation present. Called George to confirm that we were on the way, get a text from him that he can't pick up because he's in a sales meeting and I let him know that we'll be there in an hour. No contact back. When we get there, there's a problem the original car isn't available and I have to take a different one and that car isn't on the lot and won't be for hours. No call back to let me know of the delay. Fine, agree to the new car and they tell me they'll throw in floor mats but only after I submit a "10's only" on the dealer review that comes later. Again, I agree to the deal and that the car will be delivered to my house at 6pm, pay, buy added parts for the car and head home happy. Check in at 4pm to George who texts back that we're looking good for 6pm. Check in at 5:20 and 5:30. No response. Getting concerned. Sure enough, call the dealership at 6pm and George is still there. The dealership is an hour from my house. Car just got there and is being finished up supposedly. I tell them it's disappointing to once again be delayed with no notice and that I'd like the floor mats delivered with the car that night. George gives me all these reasons no, I tell him I'll still give him his 10-only on the review that they're now extorting me with and he must bring the mats with the car tonight. "I'll check with my manager" George tells me. Except he doesn't mute his cell phone. After a minute of listening to him rustle papers on his desk, he says his manager said no. Ok, I've bought cars before and know the game but never been so blatantly lied to before and I tell him. A lie is a false statement made with the intent to deceive. He nailed that one although he and his manager were "offended" I used that term. Now they're threatening to cancel the deal because they're worried about their 10-only review. Most likely they sold the car to someone else AFTER I ALREADY PAID FOR IT AND SIGNED THE PAPERWORK. George finally gives me the "I'm only making like $100 on this car but I"ll drive it down" 5 minutes later the manager, Jay Karacuha, calls. Now I met Jay in the office. Over 40 year old guy that uses the word "awesome" more than my teenagers did during their entire high school years. He now tells me the deal is off and they're canceling my contract. This is after 7pm so I've lost my entire day, been lied to and misled numerous times and then the topper. My check and money are in the safe and everyone is gone and they can't get me my money MAILED to me until Monday. Meaning, I can't go to a respectable dealership and buy the car until after my check comes. Worst experience. Worst personnel. NEVER BUY FROM THESE GUYS EVER

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Employees Worked With

George Davidagayan and Jay Karachi

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