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Toyota of Greer


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13770 E. Wade Hampton Blvd., Greer, South Carolina 29651
Closed 9:00 AM - 8:00 PM Hours
Call (864) 662-4800

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Jilly Lang, Reputation Manager, Toyota of Greer

Jilly Lang

Reputation Manager
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Latest Reviews

March 25, 2017

"Worth The Drive"

- Nateman74

Rick was a dream to work with. The dealership as a whole was very accommodating, and the experience as a whole was stress free (granted we drove 95mi for a specific vehicle). I would recommend the dealership to anyone who asks.

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March 17, 2017

"Very nice and simple"

- Daddy Michael 71

Great experience for my first time buying a Toyota! They help my purchase very easy! They worked with me on my budget and made my choice easy! Great experience at Toyota of Greer SC.

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February 23, 2017

"Just okay"

- ReviewAccount11

I'm not a fan of the old-school high-pressure sales tactics. I prefer an honest and transparent buying experience where I get a fair price, the dealership gets a little bit of money, and everything is a simple and easy transaction. That being said, if you have similar preferences when it comes to buying a car, I can tell you that this is not your place. I'm giving a 3 star rating which means "average," which exactly what my experience was. A few reasons: I made several requests for best pricing on their website and only received one response which didn't include a price. It seems like they want you to come in for that. I took time to write out an e-mail explaining what I was looking for, but the salesperson didn't seem to have read it. When it came to the time where we could look at numbers, the payments were inflated significantly because I was upside-down in my trade-in. I expected this, but the math didn't add up and the terms were changed around. They wouldn't tell me straight-up how much they were offering on my trade in (first dealership I've ever been to that couldn't tell me), and I suspect it was 1) the numbers they showed me had other things moved around (longer term, more money down, higher interest rate--I went home and checked the math and yes, they were hiding something) and 2) because they ended up knocking about $5k instantly off the total financed amount to "earn my business." They could have earned my business by being upfront and honest with me rather than trying to trick me. All throughout the process, I had to play the waiting game as well (wait right here so I can introduce you to the manager, or the whole thing where they hold the keys to your trade in). Yeah, I get it...that's how you sell cars. Maybe some people like the thrill of that, but I certainly don't. Some of these dealerships think that being polite and feigning helpfulness earns 5 stars, but it doesn't.

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