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"Matt Hill was our sales specialist and was amazing. He listened to our wants and needs both for vehicle and payment. He made sure we were taken care of at every turn, from trade in to purchase. We will definitely be back!! "
cheated in NC
"Not a single thing Ron Maccia promised when entering into a lease has come to pass, including the payoff process. I was concerned about wanting to payoff the lease on an Aston Martin early. Ron said "no problem, we'll just calculate the unpaid balance" and move on. I specifically inquired about an early payoff, his response was "not a problem". When attempting to pay it off early, Mr. "Honest" Maccia sent a payoff of the remaining payments times the number of payments, with not a single penny allowance for paying off early. So Maccia and Shore insisted on being paid $150,000 for a $110,000 vehicle. Very good business deal. Then when the ENTIRE payoff was made, and after 3 emails indicating the title would be sent, Maccia sent a request for another $385 in LATE FEES, citing two payments BEFORE the date of each of the emails. And after promising the title in "two days after receiving the payoff", three weeks later, no title. Maccia is crass, classless, dishonest, and a typical used car salesman crook. Stay as far away from this no account shyster as you can. "