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"Auto experts of Utah is one of a million! I haven't seen any car dealer with the work ethic like this guys. They are upfront with their prices with no game like other dealers we visited. At no moment we felted pressure during our visit, we looked at all the cars we liked and with our time we decided which one we wanted. We loved their customer service and every thing about auto experts. Customer for life :)"
4 days ago
"Last Month, May 2015, I wanted to buy Aston Martin Vantage with super low miles, I looked everywhere but no luck with my $60k budget but finally I saw one at alpha Motorsports, 2008 with 9,470 miles under $60k.I took it to Aston Martin dealership for pre-sale inspection and everything checkeked out good, I got such a crazy deal that I can sell my vehicle now and make some extra $, of course I am not going to sell it, lolol."