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2 days ago
"Greg Reed handled everything beautifully from our first phone call to our purchase of our Bentley. He explained the inner workings of the car and every detail of the care and driving. We would not consider going elsewhere after our experience. "
4 days ago
"My husband and I had been looking for a particular 2005 Bentley Continental for sometime. We wanted a specific exterior and interior color and mileage in mind for the year of the car. Located in Tampa, we came across quite a few that were nice, but unfortunately not exactly what we wanted. As my husband did research he came across the perfect vehicle that had everything we wanted from the inside out. The only thing that worried me was that the dealer, The Luxury Autohaus, Inc., was out of state, in Georgia. My husband was in contact with CJ, who was a very professional and attentive sales person. She had answered all questions for us in regards to the vehicle, and went as far as taking photos of the vehicle inside and out to show us exactly how it looked. We had made the trip from Tampa to Georgia to see the car on a day that the dealer was closed. CJ and Kevin (the owner) opened the dealership for us to see the car and test drive it. There were a few issues we had with the car and expressed those concerns with both CJ and Kevin. Kevin stated that he would have them looked into and get back to us. Shortly after our return home, Kevin got back to us indicating that they were taking care of the issues, and would get back to us when they were corrected. I am extremely happy to say that we picked up our car and all issues were completely taken care of just as Kevin had stated. I know that car dealerships are given a bad name from the actions of other dealers, but I must say - if you are looking for a luxury vehicle and would like to deal with individuals that treat you like family, you need to contact these individuals. Even if it is a drive to get there - it is worth it. Just ask for CJ, who is a wonderful sales person. Kevin is a man of his word, which is hard to find now a days. And Holly, who will make the final purchasing process a breeze. We love our car - thank you to everyone at The Luxury Autohaus, Inc. We will definately refer you to others looking for a luxury car."