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"I found a Craiglist posting for a van at a great price. I called ahead to make sure the van was available and was in good shape. Taya was helpful over the phone and assured me everything was good. But then when I went to the lot, Joe wouldn't honor the price on the Craiglist ad! He said the vehicle was $1,000 more even though I had the ad right in front of me. Joe claimed it was an old ad and "prices are subject to change". Joe refused to listen to me, cut me off multiple times, and started getting mad at me and accusing me of lying and "bad business practices". He then told me I was "pissing him off" and Joe proceeded to kick me off the lot. I have never had a sales person talk to me in such a horrible way; I am still in shock! I'm not sure how the other employees are; Taya seemed very pleasant. But Joe was just awful to deal with and because of his attitude I had an absolutely horrible experience and have to give a one star rating."
"Trevor played a very intrinsic role in my new purchase, as he was the only salesman at the time to know my '08 2500 Laramie Megacab with the 6.7L Cummins was on the lot. We test drove the vehicle and I immediately started the paperwork. I was working with Laurie Yager prior to this, so Laurie finished up the sale. She was phenomenal! Super sweet, extremely helpful, and got everything I wanted, and then some extra, done. An A+ for satisfaction with Laurie's customer service when it came to taking care of my needs and those of my family. My next vehicle will be one of John Elway's, and Laurie, given she is still there, will be my sales associate. "