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"I was scanning the internet in April of 2012 when I came across the Everett Chevrolet web site. Since my wife and I had been looking everywhere for a vehicle to purchase, I began looking down through what Everett had to offer. Suddenly I came across a 2013 Camaro LT2 that was exactly what we were looking for and I called my wife to come see what I had found. Her reply was let's go get it! When we pulled in on the lot we were greeted by John Froedge. John got the car ready for us to test drive and also got a trade in value of our car while we were out. John was there with us from the beginning until the time we left Everett Chevrolet with our Camaro. On our second deal we were coming to Hickory from Lincolnton where we had test driven a Corvette and were unable to come to an agreement. I had seen another Corvette that Everett had advertised on their web page. We wanted to see what they had so I called John Froedge about ten minutes before we arrived at Everett's and let him know which vehicle we wanted to see and test drive. When we did arrive, John was ready for us to test drive the Corvette. In a couple hours we had pulled onto Everett Chevrolet's lot in Hickory and had driven away with my dream car. Justin Phillips took care of the financing and he, too, has been a great person to work with. I highly recommend Everett Chevrolet to anyone looking for a new vehicle or a car they have dreamed of owning for years. Go on in and ask for John Froedge and I guarantee you he will do everything he can to make a deal happen and you will leave with an appreciation for John and the Everett team!!!"
"Do not go here! They will lie to you and will try to sound as convincing as possible. I even got yelled at by the finance manager. They are very unprofessional. They smoke have their cell music on and heir office space is very unorganized. I was sitting down and saw documents from other people laying there with their social security numbers! I ran for my life!"