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3 days ago
"Jeff and Paul both have been an integral part of a very pleasant experience at Boardwalk. Both are knowledgable, friendly and informative, and make the overall interaction a very pleasant one. I would certainly look upon Jeff for my upcoming purchase without any hesitation. "
6 days ago
"My interaction with Phil was exemplary. In our first conversation, he told me that his job was to help me navigate to what I wanted, which I initially thought was ridiculous, because I thought I knew what I wanted. Turns out I didn't. Phil very patiently explained the financial element of owning a Ferrari and why there were influencing factors well beyond the initial price of the car. He carefully went through the differences between buying new, buying used, and what factors had an impact on each of the models. It has to be a discussion he's had countless times, but he explained to me very patiently so I could understand it. I've only been close to a Ferrari once, I've certainly never been in a room that had more than 100 of them. I was more than distracted. There was zero pressure - it wasn't unlike chatting with someone at a car show. He was consummately professional, careful, and understanding. I get the impression that most Ferrari owners have or have had multiple Ferraris and are in a much different financial position than I am. Phil immediately understood that and was respectful and careful about it. He identified that I prefer texting to phone calls and answered my questions late in the evening, on weekends, and even while he was traveling for weeks before I made a decision. Ultimately, the decision I made was best for me, and I wouldn't have got there without Phil's help. One doesn't buy a Ferrari like one would buy a different marque. The process is just different and a little surprising for a first timer. 1) Buying a used Ferrari at the dealer makes sense for a lot of reasons. They aren't limited to what's in stock and they're not dismissive - I stopped by the dealer once while Phil wasn't there and everyone was respectful, kind and helpful. 2) There are lots of financial options. 3) If you buy a certain year or newer, maintenance and a factory warranty is included. Even if you buy an older one, you can still get a warranty on it. 4) they do have some new ones in stock. It was an immensely positive experience and I and am most appreciative of Phil for helping me navigate. "