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"Please note my feedback is based on what was for me, an incredibly emotional and disappointing pre-owned purchase experience. I attempted to buy a pre-owned car from this dealership in mid-February 2015. Based on the written and verbal description of the car as well as my excitement, I made the choice to wire transfer the full purchase amount to the salesperson. After my decision to send the full amount, which clearly was a mistake on my part, I discovered a potential mileage discrepancy problem on the vehicle as reported by Carfax. It is my opinion this information should have been disclosed upfront and the salesperson and or dealership more transparent about a fact that could have a significant impact on the resale value of the pre-owned vehicle they were attempting to sell. Once I discovered the potential mileage discrepancy reported by Carfax, I attempted to get a full refund on my purchase and instead felt bullied by the salesperson who did not return any of my calls but did respond via email once. Out of my own desperation, I agreed to forfeit more than a $2,500 deposit in order to secure the rest of my funds. I feel as if I did everything to get a refund, to include escalating the situation to two different managers on duty and am embarrassed I was not smarter and did not run the Carfax report prior to wiring my funds and for believing in trust and transparency. An expensive lesson for sure."
"Service was great. Picked up and delivered my car. Work completed on time. People were extremely courteous and friendly. They even washed my other car before it was returned."