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3 days ago
"I found Hank to be extremely attentive to my needs. I bought the most expensive car I have ever paid for in my life with site unseen. I do not think I would have been able to do this type of a purchase with any other sales person other than Hank. Hank was very honest and hard working. He took my calls no matter what time it was and made me feel extremely comfortabl. For those of you that have purchased a Ferrari before - you know the feeling. I strongly recommend you to work with Hank, as he is a tremendous representative of the dealership and actually cares about the buyer. Thank you for making my experience as easy as it was. "
4 days ago
"I was surprised how much work my car needed. There was GREAT communication with me. This communication with me established a trust that my work was needed! Thank you Chris and Paul. "