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Doctor Mark
"Even after 40 plus years of Ferrari ownership, getting a different Ferrari is always a special experience. Steven and Ferrari of Atlanta "put the icing on the cake." Great people to work with and always honest and fair. They treat their customers like family. I highly recommend both Steven on FOA."
3 days ago
"I went to the dealership Undecided about purchasing a Ferrari! I drove my Porsche there and was very happy with it. As I was looking over the Ferrari, Mark was not pushy, he was friendly, he was engaged and listened to my needs, but most of all he was very honest!! Very refreshing to work with someone like this when you are buying ant type a vehicle, much less a Ferrari. I purchased right there on the spot! Examples of Mark's honesty; after the sale he stayed in contact with me, proactively, to follow up on "we owe" items rather than having to make me continually pester him for the items. He even called me one time to let me know he had the trickle charger for the car in his office and forgot to give it to me......I did not even know it came with one! These are just examples of his forthrightedness and his eagerness to not just make a sale but gather a loyal customer. Hats off mark. And thanks!"