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6 days ago
"I have known the Ferrari of Atlanta Team for over a decade. Over ten years ago I bought a beautiful 2007 430 that I loved. I parted with the cars a few years later and have regretted it for years. Earlier this year I called to touch bases with old friends (Craig Forbes and Steven Eckhoff). Discussions turned to Ferrari's, I was introduced to Michael Mills, and now there is a stunning Ferrari once again under roof in my garages. Craig, Michael, Steven, and Dan Burris (whom I'd met over time at car events) could not have been friendlier, more accommodating or easier to work with. Michael just made things happen. I have friends (in particular Mark Holifield who was instrumental in my decision to get back into Ferrari's) in Ferrari's that I see at various car events and up at AMP. They all are happy with FoA, and I think I have found my way back to a very good dealership. So many thanks to Craig and Michael for being so helpful, and thanks to Will Campbell whom I know had a hand in getting me to this point. I am looking forward to having a great relationship at a dealership where I feel like I have so many friends!"
"Third Ferrari that I have purchased from Safa.Bodagh. All my Dealings have been Extremely effortless, reliable, timely, with No Surprises! Thanks Guys!! Awesome Experience!"