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"The truth is, you have a nervous feeling when you're about to spend a chunk of money on buying a car. I want to thank Gordon Martin for working with my wife and me to make sure we had the vehicle that put a smile on our face. We found the car that fitted our needs, was within the mileage range we set, and at the cost we considered fair. If you're looking for a good man to deal with ask for Mr. Martin. "
The Carpenter
"I bought my box truck 5 months ago from Integrity for a work truck. I was pretty happy with the purchase and experience. One of the main reasons I bought from them was that I was able to negotiate a six month warranty since they had advertised that on their website. My six month warranty was magically changed to 30 days on the buyers guide at time of purchase, and dummy me trusted them and signed while quickly skimming it not catching the change. Five months later my engine needs a total rebuild due to massive oil failure, and I'm up the proverbial creek without a paddle - $7000 to fix it and I'm without my work truck for a month. All I can say is don't skim the paperwork!"