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"This dealership is what we call a "hot mess" - you walk in, and visions of Grand Central Station, with its swirling masses: confronts you. There are dozens of salesmen (all men) and helpers (all men) and the place is chaos The space is almost desk to desk, and all of them occupied by salesmen and customers. When we first entered, there were at least fifteen customers dealing with their purchases, Cars are being brought from other locations, and sometimes the wait is longer than expected. A salsman handles more than one transaction at a time, and sometimes you get switched off to another salesman, however temporarily. All the desks are up for grabs: no one has an assigned desk. Yet out of all this chaos you manage to review the cars available on the many computer screens and yours finally arrives from another location (they have four) and then another arrives....and by God you find just the right one. Our salesman, Alvaro, kept all these xxxxx juggling in the air, yet ultimately succeeded in every thing he needed to do to help us. And he was great. We found the car we wanted.. Then after he had done all the necessary preliminary financing work with us, we were given over to Joel Moskowitz, finance manager. Now I have run or helped run bureaucracies from large to huge in my life, and I can say without fear of contradiction that here is a staggeringly skillful man. I have never before in all my career (he had no idea who I was) .seen a person work so quickly, so efficiently, so accurately, and ultimately so successfully as Joel did. It was really magic to behold, even to my highly experienced eyes. To boot, he made several suggestions clearly intended to serve our best interests, suggestions both beneficial and sensible that we would not necessarily have thought of, and we followed his advice, and are very glad we did. We came away profoundly satisfied.with the whole experience. When they vacuumed and cleaned the car (a 2013 Honda Accord) and drove it around to us, we beamed with excitement and joy. Our great thanks to Alvaro and Joel ! Jerome Lord"
Unsatisfied customer
"Of course when you pull up on the lot people are nice bc they're trying to make a sale. Once you purchase things change. I purchased one car & took it back bc it kept having problems. I spent every weekend for an entire month at the repair shop wasting away my only day off. Spoke with Joe told him i wanted my down payment back or trade it. I traded it for another car & it did good for a yr. Now afyer spending 3 Saturdays getting the same thing worked on I was told to take to a dealership. Im not taking no 13 yr old car to the dealership to pay those prices. So im looking around to trade in & get something else. Then you deal with the nasty people in the office. They all seem like family so complaining will get you nowhere cuz they're not going to do anything about. Never will i recommend or buy another car from them"