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Patricia Mask
"Had an airbag recall on my 2004 Honda Civic. The gentleman who checked me in was named Phillip and told me it would be around 4 hours. Was prepared to wait and enjoyed fresh Krispy Kreme donuts and coffee. Was reading my book and heard my name called. Ready to go in 1-1/2 hours!!!"
"My first experience with testing out a new car was NOT at Gary Rome Hyundai, and that's clearly where I made a mistake. I had been so discouraged from car buying in past experiences but did not have an option at this point, due to my car completely breaking. I was referred to Gary Rome by a family member who has ample experience with the company and has spoken nothing but good words. I decided to go in for a test drive and by no means did I have the intent of purchasing my first (relatively) new car within the same week! I worked with Paul Bonavita, who was friendly, personable and helpful throughout my time there. Paul was so laid back that in the beginning, I wasn't even sure he was a salesman! Definitely not your "typical" salesman, far from pushy and ready for whatever you threw his way. It was scary easy as to how smooth this transaction went, the staff make sure to cross their T's and dot their I's. Although the car was right in my price range, I ended up paying slightly over budget but well worth every penny as I will be worry free for over the next 8.5 years! Working with Paul was a great experience, he exceeded my expectations and I would highly recommend this facility to anyone who is looking to get into a new car. Thank You! "