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"Excellent customer service and auto service go hand in hand at this dealership. Several recent mechanical and electrical issues were handled expertly on my 2002 Isuzu Rodeo Sport and it now runs almost like new again. These people are there with you throughout the process even if it takes a little more time and effort to diagnose and properly repair those unusual or out of the ordinary problems. They are nice enough to make a follow up call or send an email to make sure everything is running smoothly too. CardinaleWay has earned my trust and confidence over the many years of service to me and my vehicle."
"I purchased a pre-owned Isuzu VehiCROSS from McCloskey Imports in CO Springs on June 17, 2014 & a week later drove it back complaining of a gas smell under the hood. I left the vehicle with McCloskey for 3 days before they called & said the vehicle was ready for pick up. No explanation, no documentation of what was found when I picked up the keys on Saturday afternoon. I called the following Monday to speak with my salesman, Ryan Hawthorn, who told me that he would get back with me after speaking with his Service Team in regards to what was going on with the vehicle. As I live in Denver & drove all the way back to CO Springs, an hour drive each way, I expected that the problem would be fixed after 3 days in the service bay. No call back from Ryan, so I called him back, typical of my dealings with him. I was told that what I was smelling was not gas, but engine cleaner. I was told by Ryan at McCloskey to "just keep driving it" & the smell will "burn off". The following week I took my VehiCROSS to have the engine professionally steam cleaned. No change. Gas smell still present. The week after that I had the air filter changed. Still no difference & after multiple attempts to contact both my salesman, Ryan, & the GM, Mike Phillips, at McCloskey I'd finally had enough. My husband, who is currently on deployment with the Army in Afghanistan, even called multiple times only to be told that everyone was in a sales meeting & there was no one to take his call! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, HE WAS CALLING FROM AFGHANISTAN! One would think that if he took the time to make the call, from halfway across the world, that SOMEONE would take him seriously. Multiple emails were also sent from Afghanistan with no reply. At this point I'm ANGRY & EXTREMELY CONCERNED. I'm no a grease monkey, but I know gas when I smell it. Engine cleaner, my xx! I took the vehicle to a friend who works as a Service Adviser at Stevenson Toyota & he took one whiff under the hood & told me that what we were smelling was gasoline. HE FOUND A LEAK IN LESS THAN 5 MINUTES WITH THE FLASHLIGHT ON HIS CELL PHONE & advised I get it in for service immediately. He referred me to Tynan's VW. I called that afternoon & spoke with Betsy Nobles & she arranged for me to bring the vehicle in right away. She was very friendly, knowledgeable & was great about keeping in communication with me during the entire process. She even called to let me know about additional quirks the technician found during the fix. Impressive! What was more impressive was that total invoice was far less than what she had quoted originally! Turns out my VehiCROSS had a leaking fuel pressure regulator that was, in fact, leaking gas into the engine. If left untreated this would cause the engine to catch fire! And McCloskey Imports couldn't find anything wrong?!?!? REALLY?! It was COMPLETELY clear they didn't even LOOK under the hood, much less turn the vehicle on, when I took it back to them! I'm absolutely FLOORED that the dealership that this Army wife spent her hard earned dollars with sold her a vehicle that had the potential to put her life at risk! The fact that they wouldn't even admit to the problem makes it clear that a sale is worth more than the actual customer at McCloskey Imports. A disgusting & disturbing practice! Shame on you, McCloskey Imports! I am so grateful for Betsy Nobles & her competent Service Team at Tynan's VW. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! It was a complete pleasure doing business with you! My VehiCROSS is running like a dream! No more gas smell! You have renewed my faith. I look forward to my next visit! "