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Carolyn Gensel
"Mr J.P. was very helpful. I considered him knowledgeable, with a since of humor, pleasant to talk to, a very nice person to do business with. He was very helpful and an all around great person. I'm sure glad I got him as my salesman. Carolyn Gensel "
"We brought our 2008 Ridgeline for the 100,000 recommended servicing. John the service manager reviewed what was scheduled to be worked on and the estimated charges. Since this was an all day job, we were provided with a new loaner car. John call us later that afternoon with some minor problems that the mechanic noticed, asking us if we wanted to do the work. The final cost was just what we were told to expect. John was very courteous and knowledgeable, we love working with him whenever we have our car serviced. Our daughter was so impressed, she has said that whenever she buys her next car, she'll get it from Rushmore Honda."