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"For the past twenty years, I have bought cars from one person. I bought Porsches when he was at Porsche---five of them. I bought Audis from him when he moved to Audi---seven of them. I became accustomed to a personalized buying experience that was respectful, honest and tailored to my needs. I walked into Lamborghini Dallas without an appointment and was paired with John Hrad. He had never met me, and he had no reason to think that I came to buy my perfect Huracan. I had done extensive nationwide research to locate the exact car that I wanted and flew to Dallas expressly to see this car. John was professional and accommodating. He honestly answered questions that I had about buying a car from a location several hundred miles from where it will be garaged. He provided me the type of buying experience I had become accustomed to over the past 20 years from one of my best friends. That type of approach is my definition of professional: treat everyone as a VIP. Thank you, John for your care and attention. Questions over email were answered the day they were received. All telephone calls were returned. He assisted me with every question I had as I completed the elements of the transaction from several hundred miles away. I cannot recommend this dealership more strongly! My car buying has been predicated upon a relationship with the person I'm buying from and John understands the value of that. John is a car guy---and a true professional. "
"it was always a Dream to Own a Lamborghini since i was a child . i have looked for the perfect Lambo all Over the US . till i found the perfect Car in Dallas . at the beginning i was worried that it was sold at a Lamborghini Dealer . i thought it would be over Priced . but after i visited the Dealer and looked at the Car and looked at the Price . i was Shocked . it was 10K lower than other cars i looked at . then the next shock came after that , on how i was Treated . i felt it was a Family selling their Car . i felt the love and Honesty and respect . i have bought more than 15 cars in the last 3 years . out of all of them this was my best car experience ever . i will diffidently recommend Lamborghini of Dallas to anyone that want to buy any exotic car . and Mike ( the sales person ) did the best follow up ever , even after Month of driving the car . so they are the best Dealer i have ever dealt with ."