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Dominic Mariano
" Ashkon and Fred are amazing as a team! They really listened to my wife and I and our wants and needs. They worked the best deal possible and made the experience truly World Class. There was no pressure, not rushing and absolutely no BS. It was a real experience with real, true individuals who actually care about their clients and who they sell their inventory to. "
Mark R
5 days ago
"WOW, what nasty people to deal with. I cannot say enough bad things about this dealership. They are selling used exotics and are hiding issues that the cars have. I noticed that the sales person was very deceptive and coy in answering my questions related to the condition of the auto, and then later on afterwards I uncovered the fact that the car I was inquiring about had a "lemon" manufacturer buyback title. This was never disclosed to me. When I asked if the car was ever hit they told me that the car had a "clean" carfax, but they were quite coy and deceptive as to NOT mention the manufacturer buyback title. What creeps. Upon further examination I noticed body paint overspray on a inside trim panel in the door jam indicating that the car had been repainted/resprayed, yet I was told by the dealership adamantly and in a very nasty tone of voice that the car was never repainted. WOW what liars. They knew the car was repainted yet figured that I would not be able to detect that it was. I have no idea how this dishonest NASTY dealership stays in business---. especially for a high end/ high price ticket auto dealer. I can only say that if you do have interest in a car that they are selling, that you 100% must have a PPI inspection performed by an outside mechanic because on their word alone YOU WILL BE RIPPED OFF. I think that what was so amazing was that they were so ARROGANT and NASTY in their tone dealing with me. One would think that they would be cordial but instead they were argumentative, arrogant, and outright nasty when I confronted them with the stuff that they were hiding when going over the car with me. It was as if I should be embarrassed to point out that they were trying to deceive me. Truly a horrible experience. Only good thing I can say is that I am glad I walked out not buying the car, since if I had trusted their word I would have been a sucker and stuck with a lemon. Avoid this dealership or be very weary and make sure you investigate in have the car inspected by an outside mechanic- on the assumption that they would even let you have the car inspected. , "