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" Anthony went above and beyond... I purchased a Lotus Sport Elise site unseen 2000 miles away. He knew exactly what I needed, wanted and produced everything I asked for in a timely manner from pictures to making sure all books, tools and miscellaneous were all in order. Do yourself a favor and ask for Anthony V. to be your "Guy"... I am looking forward to doing business in the future with my new (more than a salesman) Friend... Thanks again Anthony !!! (Shout out to Peter Williams for all the help in getting this deal done, a real gentleman) Sean H."
"I traded my car for a 09 hummer h3, me not know much about h3 hummers or cars in general they sold me a car with a blown head gasket which blew my radiator and when I called to confront them they said they couldn't do anything and blocked my phone number now wounded they Reyes to shove the hummer at me so quickly and all this after they had said they inspected the vehicle in house and it was too quility I drove away the next day it rained out side and my windshield wipers were bald they did not put new wiper blades my oil was filthy after 2days of driving again they are. It good quality you would think a car company would would have more pride in there vehicles. "