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"Frank is a great guy and I got a great deal on the bike of my dreams. I would definitely recommend Frank Liberatore as a straight shooter. Donna in the F & I department was a joy to do all the paper work with as well."
"They called me in because they found my car for sale on Craigslist. I drove 45 minutes one way to get there. Once I was there they told me they wouldn't be able to buy my car because it's an exotic and it isn't a Ford. I asked them why they called me saying they were interested in buying my car in the first place. All they had to say was sorry. Mary was the name of the person who originally called me. Brittany was the name of the person who scheduled the appointment. Once I got there I talked to 3 different salesmen and a manager who all tried to pass me on to someone else. Not the smartest group of guys I've dealt with. I wish I would've checked their ratings online before going in. They average 2 out of 5 stars!"