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"My RX 350 had a 60,000 mile service at JM Lexus last month. As has been my past experience, service, time of service, and staff interaction was all top notch. I realized today (about a month later) that I was supposed to have completed a survey, which I vaguely recall seeing in my email....but must have deleted. I called the service manager today to make sure that that the Service Advisor that I worked with (John Nahar), was not in some way docked because I did not complete a survey. I was given this site....and want to share here that my service experience last month was a "10". As a side, I had scheduled service and taken the car in months earlier when I (mistakenly) thought it was due for this service, only to have John tell me at that time to wait and schedule at the appropriate future date. I thanked him for recommending that I postpone the expense, accepted a car wash, and left that day thinking about how many dealers would send home a scheduled maintenance for another day, postponing money in the cash register - I think doing that reflects positively on the character of this Service Advisor and on JM Lexus. EL"
Corey H
"My initial contact was with Kenny over the phone and negotiated the entire deal with him that way since I was coming from North Carolina. He had a prearranged plan on the day that was to purchase the car so he set me up with Bart who actually showed me the car and went with me on the test drive. I couldn't of had a better experience with Bart. Even though I was purchasing one of their "Cheaper Cars" that they were selling, a 2012 Lotus Evora S, I was treated like I was buying one of the McLaren P1s they had available. They even told me about a local Auto Show that was going on and provided me entry free of charge. It was a small gesture but one that won't be forgotten. I had an excellent purchase experience and the after sales support has been just as good. I wish they were closer but more than worth a 4 hour drive. Should be a long time customer I got plenty of time to work up to one of those McLarens! Thank you everyone at MoG."