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Joseph Decker
"I am in the market for a sports car they had in stock so I contacted them via email. My inquiry about the car was to see the carfax and physical photos of the vehicle as all they had on their website was a generic stock photo. Carfax was sent however I was told on he 11th of july They would get photos to me. 3 days went by and no photos but the GM sends me an email to find out about my experience. I stated my concern about the pictures and he assured me I would be sent them that night. 3 more days go by and nothing still. Do not waste your time with Greenway. Even their GM couldn't pull through to get something so easily done. No excuses.Look elsewhere."
Lotus engine
"My 2014 Lotus Evora had a check engine light and an occasional engine stalling issue. The service team, Julie and Eric, where professional and timely in their status reporting. The problem with the car was a serious one after it was analyzed by their mechanic Randy and led to an engine replacement. This was a big job, well done by Randy, and the car is running great again. Good people all and the have a real talented mechanic in Randy !"