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"Gene was very attentive on my first visit to the Toy Barn when I drove an Audi. He pointed out all the positive parts of the car and was not at all pushy. When I decided to try out the Mercedes he and another salesman teamed up so that I could receive immediate attention. After my initial test drive Gene kept me informed of the status of the car and let me know he would be available to answer any questions or have me come in again. Gene was very professional, well spoken, polite, encouraging, but not pushy. I loved my experience at the Toy Barn and LOVE my 1999 Mercedes SLK!"
"I bought a car from the lakeside and it was a death trap my wife was going to have a accident when the gear box would shift gears at the traffic lights which I had my new born baby with the mum at that time so beware the cars a crap and is problem after problem do not buy from CARMAX and they refuse to change the car and will only repair but what would happen if the problem comes after the varianty runs out than u will be screwed so I'm in a process of during the carmax and lakeside trust me and don't purchase a car from there people "