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"Bob handled my service in timely fashion: discussed problems found & quoted a price; then came in under that price. He was friendly & fully explained each step."
Bruce Perel
"Ibrihim AKA Abe was my sales associate, I shopped for a car and bought a car from Lynnes Nissan. I posted this on google, Yellow Pages and Yelp. So that others won't be lied and stolen from. Abe from the sales department at Lynnes Nissan, lied and misled me on a number of occasions. I thought well it's just one incident and didn't make a big deal of it. When purchasing the vehicle he flashed the Car Fax and said, see its clean and trust me you're going to love this car and you can drive it later. He said, we have to hurry to get the sale approved for the ending month (Year End). He said, that the car I was buying is the only one that will be approved based on my credit history. He said, he reserved the car for his daughter. The car I purchased did not have a clean record, it cost me thousands to repair. When I needed to fix a fender, my insurance company wouldn't help me because they said that the car was salvaged. All of the lies were confirmed when I checked with a friend from the auto business who I was also entertaining consideration from buying from. He told me that the same company gave him the approval and I needed to be under a certain number not a particular car. I was lied to, I was put into car that I believed was the only one I could get financed under leaving me desperate and probably the car I bought was one they had to move. Instead I saw cars in the lot that were more to my liking at better prices. Because of my bad credit, I understand that my financing charges will be very high. I wound up paying double the price on the car, not including the deposit. When I asked about it Abe said that "you like the car, you can handle the payment right that's all that matters, you can pay it early and avoid the interest charges". "You wouldn't be driving if you declined it. I called about my extended warranty and asked if I was getting an ID card, he said "wait for it in the mail". I called again and he started putting me on hold without answering. When I called back I was told he left for the day. When I came into the showroom, he said he spoke to his manager, but the deposit is nonrefundable, and I wouldn't get bought because this returning a vehicle is bad for my credit. I never got the ID cards for the warranty. What I found out is that instead of my warranty being in the highest tier, it was the base and I was paying the same price as the highest level. The finance agent, wouldn't take my calls, I went into the showroom he was never there. I left messages. I went in to see the sales manager and I waited an hour and then was told he is on lunch. This is a big time scheme. I call it lying and stealing. I write this not motivated by revenge but hope that nobody else is deceived as I was."