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3 days ago
"My experience buying a 2014 Rolls-Royce Wraith from Bentley Atlanta was an especially pleasant one and I want to commend those who helped me. I visited the dealership while on vacation and then returned home to North Carolina where I proceeded to buy the car over the telephone, via email and by using FedEx to receive and send the large number of documents that needed to be signed and returned to Bentley Atlanta. Thad Flowers in finance made this process, which can be quite daunting, seamless and easy. He was also instrumental in ensuring my satisfaction after the sale. My salesman, Rod Clarke was professional, knowledgeable, friendly and straightforward in his assessment of my perspective car. I've bought a lot of super premium cars in my day and I recoil at the first sign of a pushy salesman. There was not a hint of this from Rod. He inspired my trust and made the buying experience a real treat. Before I made my final decision on the car, I wanted to have my memory refreshed on its features so I called the dealership at 10 minutes before closing on a Friday. Although I was initially frustrated when I learned that Rod Clarke was busy helping another customer, my frustration quickly morphed into a smile when the person who answered the phone, Shelley Schultz, graciously suggested that she could take photographs of the sticker and email them to me. She went the extra mile, and did so immediately. It’s likely that I’ll buy again from Bentley Atlanta "
"I have never felt so xxxxx by a business in my life. After being assured (by two different salesmen several times) that the car had been checked out and cleared, we bought the car. We took it to get the alignment done and asked the mechanic to check it out, we found that someone stupid had poured oil all over the breaks/cables. No worries - a $4000 fix. He said it was recent (aka probably done by their mechanic) and the cables were corroded and he was surprised we had even made it that far without getting into an accident. GET CHECKED OUT BY A MECHANIC FIRST IF YOU HAVE TO BUY FROM THESE GUYS. So we go back because they obviously lied - not just didn't mention it - but lied. They told us they would tow us out of their parking lot because us parking there wasn't their responsibility anymore. They slipped in an insurance package ($400) in our contract that we didn't approve. They denied saying things that they actually said when we were both witness to it. I have never had worse customer service in my life. The boss is a money grubbing jerk. The salesmen made the stereotype for sleazeball salesmen. DON'T DO IT GUYS, GO ANYWHERE ELSE. "