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RR Dawn
"Had a new RR Dawn delivered - out of state from dealer - sales person Ryan, drive over 100 miles to also personally greet me and see to it that everything was to my satisfaction. It surpassed my expectations for buying a new car. I would definitely do business with Kerbeck again and also would recommend them to anyone who is looking for a good deal and truly great customer service!"
"I have an older "special" car (not Ferrari) that I wanted carefully detailed. Discussed with Steve if he knew where I could get this work delicately performed. He replied "right here, bring it in". I did not realize that they would work on other brand cars. So, I brought the car to the dealership, left it for a couple of days and boy, what a fabulous job they did. The car looks 10 years younger :) Not only do they treat your Ferrari with kid gloves, they do it for other "babies" you may own. Steve and Paul are unbelievably helpful, nothing is too much."