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Joe B
"At first I considered giving a four star rating due to your service rep. Bruce. Great line of BS. But when you get right down to it. The man never returned any phone calls.(3) However, my first experience with service rep Patty was excellent and now my third experience with service rep. Bill has been equally rewarding. While waiting to have my car service a sales rep. Jeffrey approached my wife and I asked if we would like to see something on the lot. We explained we were waiting for service and we didn't want to trouble him, he said he understood and it would be no trouble at all. We took a new roller for a test drive. It was magnificent. And when we return the car, Jeffrey took the time to show us some of the models on this lot, and an adjoining lot. Jeffrey not only sent us this email, but also gave a follow-up telephone call this morning. Even the receptionist came to my aid while trying to navigate the robot coffee machine. Eagles-3 turkeys-1 . Excellence is a lifestyle."
Riverside Dan
"Jeff is a true professional. His knowledge and support for his customers is the best in the business. Easy going and friendly. The most important aspect to the success of any business is the customer service that pro's like Jeff provide. "