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Jason Laughlin
Jason Laughlin, Sales Professional, Jeff Wyler Chevrolet of Columbus
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Jason Laughlin

Sales Professional

Jeff Wyler Chevrolet of Columbus

5885 Gender Road
Canal Winchester, OH 43110

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March 30, 2016

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"Never again"

- dmcarsey

I originally went in on 2/18/16 to do a prize drawing they were doing. They had their "super team" there for the big event. I ended up talking to a guy about getting back into a truck. I told him I had some things to do that day, and didn't have time to wait around to look at trucks. He took my information and asked if I would be okay with having a higher payment. I of course said no, he told me he would call me on Sunday to let me know what the bank said. Of course, I didn't get a call. On that following Tuesday, 2/23/16, I received a call from Heather. She apologized to me about the "super team" and said she would get things rolling for me. She took my information again, and said she would be in touch. I have negative equity on my car (who doesn't) and she mentioned that she needed to try and get me into something newer to help chew that up. She was trying to push. 2016 Silverado on me, but when I said I wasn't wanting to having a $500-$600 payment, that's when the communication between Heather and I stopped. The next day 2/24/16 I receive a call from Gary (Heathers husband who also works there). He asked if I was still interested in the truck. I said I am interested in a truck, but not a brand new one. He said he would look into it, and call me back. Of course, I never heard from him either. Surprise. On 2/25/16 I received several alerts from my credit monitoring company that my credit had been sent to 15 FIFTEEN different banks for consideration of a loan. I found out these were all hard pulls on my credit as well. Still hadn't heard from Heather or Gary at this point, I was furious. The morning of 2/26/16, I left a review on www.dealerrater.com expressing my concerns about Jeff Wyler and the intentions of Heather and Gary. It had seemed that because I didn't want to buy a $52,000 truck, that they didn't want to help me. I received a call from Ed (sales manager) within an hour of posting the review. He apologized to me about the situation, and told me he was going to get me into a truck no matter what. He assigned a guy named Jason to help me out. Heather and Gary had sent my information to Columbus Metro credit union, where Jason learned I was approved for a loan. (I received so many letters from the stating I was approved for 3 total loans ranging from $24,000-$53,000). Everything seemed like it was working out, just needed the right sales person who would sell me whatever I want wanted, not necessarily something that benefited them. Everything was set, from the trade in appraisal, the amount I wanted to spend on a truck, zero down payment, and the monthly payment I wanted. Jason called and said the bank was asking for proof of income. I said no problem. Found out that they were wanting proof of my $3,500/month income. I said, where did you come up with that amount? He told me that's what Heather had told the banks. I told him that wasn't the amount that I told her, obviously this caused a problem. I have all of these approvals, but can't do anything with them because she lied about how much money I made in a month just to try and put money in her pocket. I'm not really sure why she did it, because an amount of $3,500/month, the bank is going to ask for proof. There was a lot of back and fourth conversations between Ed, Jason and myself. Nothing seemed to be getting anywhere. I expressed my concerns that with Heather lying about this, she's done nothing but hurt my credit, and they should be making things right. They somewhat agreed. They upped my trade in value by $3,000 to try and help out. Every time I spoke with them, the amount I was allowed to finance kept getting lower (because they were trying to find something that would chew up my negative equity and at the same time, not lose money either). They'd give me an amount, I would find something at that price, and then there'd be another reason why it wouldn't work, or this, or that. In the end, they got the review down, and I didn't get the truck. Ed called me the day before the review was set to go public and asked me to take it down. Said he would take care of me. It's been 3 weeks, and it's the same conversations everyday. They had an approval ready for a 2013 Silverado at $29,000 with no money down, but the payment was too high. Then they had a 2011 at $23,000 with $1,000 down. I didn't want to put money down. I've accomplished that on my two current vehicles that I have now. That was eventually not an option after the whole lying about the income situation from Heather. Eventually it just seemed like they were throwing options and cars at me that they knew I wouldn't take just so I would give up and they would be able to say they tried to make things right. I'm looking into contacting their corporate office, along with the BBB, and possibly the attorney generals office due to Heather putting a huge hit on my credit. It's a shame that this has happened. They are my local dealership, and in my opinion have competition with Ricart right down the street. I had no issues with my last two purchases at ricart. I will not be returning here.

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Apr 11, 2016

Jeff Wyler Chevrolet of Columbus responded

We are sorry for the bad experience you received when you visited our store. Thank you for taking the time to explain to us everything that happened. We are looking into the situation to make sure we get to the bottom of everything.

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