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Land Rover Service Center Reviews

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"I bought a LR4 from Kaplan several years ago and always have brought it for service there. However the quality of the department has declined badly and my last experience with them was so bad I won't be going back. LR service is expensive and frequent, so a good department makes a big difference. I suggest you look at other dealers that put more effort into their service department because this one is truly terrible in every way. "
"I brought my 2014 Ranger Rover Sport in for service after noticing a fluid leak beneath the rear axle. Following an inspection, the service technician recommended replacement of my rear differential. My warranty period expired one week before. Not a problem. Recognizing that I had been a loyal customer of Autobahn for more than six years and that I had scheduled my service one week prior to my appointment, Autobahn went to bat for me. I will be receiving a new rear differential under warranty coverage. Thank you Autobahn. "