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Tom W
"We were in the Sheboygan area to visit family, and 2 miles from our destination the water pump seized up. We called Sheboygan Chrysler Center and immediately knew we would be helped. The first person we talked to explain were to have the tow truck park our Ram. Next she told us about shop hours, and gave very clear directions covering what to do if we arrived after hours. Sid Erickson was the second person we talked to, and he clearly explained they would try to work on our truck the next day but was not promising it would be road ready. Early the next day we received a call back from Sid explaining what was wrong with our truck and it would not be completed for five days because of the weekend. Sid also provided us with a vehicle so we could return home. Sid assured us that he would call as soon as he knew when our vehicle would be done, and clearly explained the time frame for picking up our truck. We were taken care of in a very professional and caring way. If you need service with your Chrysler vehicle, we recommend contacting Sheboygan Chrysler Center."
Robert Soultanian
"The visit went perfectly. They did an Oil Change and Tire rotation all within an hour. I arrived on time and they did the service on time. Thank you Brighams-Gill"