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1180 E Napoleon St , Sulphur, Louisiana 70663

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October 07, 2008

"They did not replace a peeling steering wheel in my..."

- jimbel500

They did not replace a peeling steering wheel in my truck. I went to another dealer and they replaced it fast and with friendly service. I was treated poor and lied to at All Star. I will never step foot in there dealership again. Here is the whole story: To all concerned, I felt I needed to write a letter concerning the service I just had done on my 2007 GMC Sierra 2500 VIN # 1GTHC2366xxxxxxx. I bought the truck in January of 2008. After driving the truck less than 2000 miles the finish on the steering wheel began to peel. I did not think much of it till more started to come off. As anyone would I brought the truck in to have it looked at by dealer that I had bought the truck from (All Star). Thinking I would get the best service there. The first thing that Jack the owner asked me was “Let me see your rings” thinking that I was scratching the finish off. I told him I only wear a wedding band and that would not scratch off the finish like this. He had one of his men look at the wheel and then told me “GMC does not let us change out any interior trims.” This sounded strange to me so I called GMC costumer service when I returned home. They first looked in there data base to see if GMC had indeed stop most interior trims warranty work. They could not find anything that would suggest that. Then they called All Star and talked to the service man that had looked at my steering wheel. He informed Nicole Johnson with GMC customer service (Case # 71-645305736) that I had got chemicals on the steering wheel. I work as an instructor in a Tech school. I do not work with any chemicals. Nicole informed me that they could not do anything about this. At this point I was mad. I tried to stay calm on the phone with Nicole. I told her I was going to go back to All Star and give them a piece of my mind. After telling her that I was sorry for getting upset I decided to never set foot in All Star again. So I ask if I get another dealer to look at this and they saw that it was not chemicals, could it then be replaced. She said yes, and I was going to take it to Jennings LA and she suggested I take it to Martin. THANK YOU NICOLE! I took my truck to Martin GMC and found a politer and professional service staff there. They could not believe how I was treaded at All Star. Don Granger was very helpful and did an adhesion test on the steering wheel and said it did not look like any chemicals had done this and he ordered a new steering wheel and had it replace in less than one hour. I cannot say enough about the service at Martin GMC. I was amazed at the difference in the way I was treaded. After being treaded the way I was at All Star I was so down I felt that I would not be buying another GMC at least not in the Lake Charles area. Now I know I can go to Martin and have excellent service and not be lied to. I do not like being lied to and pushed away with one real reason for not fixing the steering wheel and then having the Customer service person give me a completely different reason for not fixing the steering wheel. I will never set foot in All Star again as they lied to me about why they would not fix the problem. Martin GMC you are the All Stars in this story thanks again and I will be back. One more thing I would like to say about All Star. The information I am about to give here I found while going through all of the steering wheel issues above. All Star GMC had sold this truck to Global Pollution Service Inc. on 9-27-07. I found this written in one of the owners manuals in the truck. Also OnStar wanted to start charging me for there service next month. I am thinking about getting in touch with a lawyer about this. As All Star lied then also and sold me a used truck. I know the mileage was 175 when I received the truck and the mileage when global wrote the information was 123. I feel that I should have been informed that the OnStar was turned on and that there was a sale on the truck as well. AllStar is just a very shady dealer. Again this is my first and last truck I will buy there. Thanks again Martin GMC,

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