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Capitol Subaru


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3235 Cherry Ave NE, Salem, Oregon 97301
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Riley Wright, Sales Professional, Capitol Subaru

Riley Wright

Sales Professional
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Rory Casebeer, Sales Manager, Capitol Subaru

Rory Casebeer

Sales Manager
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To ensure accuracy, a minimum of 5 consumer ratings are required to calculate an average score.

Latest Reviews

September 29, 2017

"Great time to buy! "

- Car buyer 503

Craig was my sales person, and he was extremely honest, helpful, and not afraid to ask questions to ensure we got the right I formation. The rest of everyone there who was involved was amazing and the deal went very smooth

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Employees Worked With

Craig puff

July 20, 2017

"Long waits, poor quality"

- unsatisfied in Salem

The wait: I took our 2005 Outback in for several recall services, and Amy and Whitney told me it would take 6 hours. After 8 hours it wasn't done and I had to schedule another day to come back. The second time it was supposed to take "a couple hours." It took 5 hours. While they worked on it I ran several errands so walked by the service garage once every hour or so. My car was outside the garage almost every time I walked by. I'm fairly sure they had me schedule appointments so they could park it and have me wait in line. I do know I caught a mechanic at the moment he finished the work, and he was turning the paperwork in. They were just going to wash it and give me the keys. It took 50 minutes from that point. The service: The second day I was promised a loaner car for my troubles, but they tried to back out off that offer when I arrived. When the work was completed there were loose, unconnected wires hanging down in the footwells of my car. Because of those wires, after I was 5 minutes from home, the check engine light came on and I had to drive back to the dealer, wait in line again, and have them check it out. I also asked the parts desk about a replacement key fob, to check against the prices and research I had done previously. His answers were contradictory to every other expert I spoke with, saying I HAD to buy their brand materials or things wouldn't work. He was likely lying to make a sale. None of this gave me the impression that they are competent at the job they did, and now I don't have less peace of mind with my vehicle than before I took it in. The bottom line is, they took forever, did a terrible job, and treated me like a number or a gear in their money machine. They do have a nice facility and smile a lot. It would be great for an oil change, but when push comes to shove, they won't support you and will likely use you for profit.

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Employees Worked With

Amy, Whitney

July 09, 2017

"Friendly, honest and easy going. "

- yobos4vr

i happened to have great timing and walked right into the middle of a team meeting. I was promptly greeted with a very friendly attitude. Matt Collins then introduced himself and off we went to look at vehicles. He went over all the features of the outback and forester and I decided on an outback. We went over the different colors and trim levels. After a 20 minute test drive the time came for the dreaded numbers game. Enter Chris Dupont who came over with the first set of numbers. Of course it had the selling price close to sticker price and since I was trading in a motorcycle he hadn't heard back from his sources on the value of my bike so he didn't know what to offer me. Rather than play the back and forth game I said what I wanted to pay for the car and what I wanted to get for my trade. Both numbers were realistic and based on research into their values. After awhile they had an offer on my motorcycle that was lower than I would accept so I said no. Rather than me sit there all day while they did work to get a value I left and about 45 minutes later I received a phone call and they made an offer on my bike that was near my acceptable range and the price of the car was in my acceptable range so I said I would be back later to sign the papers. I appreciated the upfront honesty and willingness to go back and forth or try to talk down my trade or the other tricks they try. They didn't try and add on % to the interest and I got 0% . All In all a pleasant experience and they both earned my business the good old fashioned honest way.

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Employees Worked With

Matt Collins Chris DuPont

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  • After Hours Drop-Off
  • Authorized Accessories Store
  • Authorized Parts Store
  • Automated Car Wash
  • Cable TV
  • Children's Play Room
  • Customer Lounge Area
  • Drive-In Service
  • Express Service
  • Free Coffee
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  • Free WiFi
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  • Pet Friendly
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  • Vending Machines
  • Floating Golf Green
Capitol Subaru, Salem, OR, 97301