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Chapman Chevrolet


848 Lifetime Reviews

1717 East Baseline Road, Tempe, Arizona 85283
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Top Reviewed Employees

Dan Landers at Chapman Chevrolet

Dan Landers

Finance Director
Brian Young at Chapman Chevrolet

Brian Young

Sales Specialist
Sam  Bobadilla at Chapman Chevrolet

Sam Bobadilla

Finance Manager
Jordan Smith at Chapman Chevrolet

Jordan Smith

Sales Specialist
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Latest Reviews

October 16, 2019

"Once you've written the're on your own!"

- Just Another Schmuck

Everyone was pretty nice to work with UNTIL...they had my signature and money. Then they couldn't have cared less about me. You would think that after spending over $30,000 at their dealership, they could at the very least be available to open the door and say thanks...good-bye...appreciate your business, get lost...SOMETHING. Instead they all scattered like cockroaches in the light looking for anything that might make them look busy. The deal I got wasn't so great that I couldn't have gotten it at any other dealership in town. Had I known this was going to be the way I was treated after the sale, I would've gone somewhere else. Oh, and don't believe anything they tell you if they don't write it down...on their "Official" paper. Apparently the finance guys aren't "allowed" to tell you anything except that you're stupid if you don't buy their extended warranties. They also will tell you that they will shop rates when the banks are open (it was a weekend) but don't bet on it. So far, I like the vehicle but can't say I'd recommend this place to anyone. Their biggest concern was that I expected them to give me more than one key to the car after the "wrong" person promised me they would. Apparently that one key would have put Chapman into bankruptcy. Although nobody at the dealership even acknowledged me when I drove off the lot, they'll probably figure out who I am from this review. Treat people better, and you just might get repeat customers. I hope I don't have any problems with the vehicle since it's pretty obvious that they won't be there to help me out if I do!

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Employees Worked With

Other Employees : Randy

September 07, 2019

"Worst Customer Service Ever "

- Sabrina

Eight days after driving my Tahoe with 30,000 miles on it off the lot the battery died. I get it batteries die. I got the run around on the warranty because the paper work hadn't been submitted correctly. Finally made it to the dealer 45 min. from home to sit and wait THREE HOURS for them to replace the battery. While I sat there waiting they intentionally helped 4 customers that came in after me with no appointment. They also told a customer that was also there for his battery that he needed to take his car back home (40 miles from the dealership) and let the battery die AGAIN and jump start the car AGAIN on Monday since they are closed Sunday and bring it back in so they could retest it???? Such horrible customer service-the look on that poor mans face when he left. In the same breath they told a customer that his battery was only testing at 54% so if he could wait a few extra min. they would just replace it for him so he wouldn't have to come back in a few days when it died. It would have been awesome if they would have tested mine before they sold it to me too. Maybe they could have just replaced that poor mans battery too. But nope he will have to jump start it on Monday and drive back down there and sit and wait another 2 hours. Take your business elsewhere.

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August 10, 2019

"Not happy"

- not happy

We bought a 2019 Malibu, CASH DEAL, mid June 2019. Yesterday we received a letter from Chapman dated July 9, 2019 saying 'we are sorry to advise you that we cannot provide credit to you at this time.' This would be funny if it wasn't so insulting. I called Chapman and was told by the lady answering the phone that the city required this letter be sent out to everyone. ........ Sorry but I think that is BS. I'll find another dealership to buy out next new car from ....... next year

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