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255 San Pedro Rd, Daly City, California 94014
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January 15, 2016

"City Toyota are crooks - take your business elsewhere."

- jay chan

Andre Uy, Johnny Lieng, the staff at City Toyota Service are absolute crooks. Please do yourself and our community a favor and take your money, business, and referrals to other reputable repairs shops and dealerships that are actually accountable, have integrity, and have good customer service, and WON'T screw your family out of $1500 on a service you did not agree on. Imagine this: You bring your "older" car in to get your car's power lock serviced and looked at. Johnny calls you and say the repairs will cost $21. You say fine, go ahead with the repairs. When it comes time to pick up the vehicle, you see a staggering $2100 bill. You say that you have never authorized such an obscene amount. Johnny says that you authorized it on the phone, and you must pay the bill or you will not get your car back and they will put a lien on it. In comes Andre, the service manager, to "mediate" the situation. He claims Johnny repeated several times on the phone the amount of "$2100" and whether to go ahead with the repairs. He says his guy is experienced and would know better to ask multiple times on an repair of this bill on an older vehicle. THAT is a lie. Johnny did no such thing. (Your lies will catch up to you. What kind of person doesn't take accountability for their actions? An untrustworthy worker and colleague in the long run - take note Toyota.) The director comes in and says, okay, we'll put the old parts back in, take out the new, and we'll just charge you the $300 investigation fee. Fine, we'll do that just to resolve the matter. 10 minutes later, they call back and say they've thrown out the old part and you're stuck with what you got, the new parts (unauthorized repair), a $1500 bill, or your family won't get the car back to go to their job this week. How do you offer one deal, and call back in 10 minutes and say that's not possible - how convenient, crooks! I called many times throughout this day to speak with Andre to work out the situation, but he was unreachable. And the one time I did get him was 2 hours before closing. He stated that he called me 3 times and the call went to voicemail. If that was the case, why didn't you leave a voicemail? THAT was a lie. Fuming, I drive straight down there just to see Andre conversing and laughing with his colleagues on the side. Who does that to valued customers? All in all, our family is stuck $1500. Who scams a family out of $1500? They will keep using the word "unfortunate situation," and use tactics to sidestep the issue and get your hard earned money. I understand that sometimes some customers won't write a complaint or take the time to write a review; however, don't underestimated what a group of educated customers can do. We have forwarded this issue and complaint to Bureau of Automotive Repair, Better Business Bureau, and other public agencies. I am glad that they monitor review sites, because we understand today that peer review sites are the core of the business. This seems like a well-rounded peer review. City Toyota, do you think the public will trust your word or a peer's review? This is a modern-day shakedown if I've ever seen one. Take some responsibility. Just say NO to City Toyota

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Employees Worked With

Andre Uy, Johnny Lieng

December 26, 2014

"Ok for basic stuff, lousy for serious work..."

- eurodude

This review is for the service department. I bought my car elsewhere but have been bringing it here for various service because this dealership is very close to where I live. Everything has been great until December 1, 2014. By now, many 2012-2014 Toyota Camry owners have heard of the now-famous torque converter lock-up shudder and the software update designed to "fix" it. Well, it does NOT fix anything. The shudder remains or gets worse. The Toyota procedure to fix the problem is to replace the torque converter, replace the transmission fluid and replace the two pan magnets with four new magnets. This particular dealership only did the update when I went there on December 1. After I called them and mentioned that the problem still exists, the service advisor (Andre Uy) (who, by the way, is nearly impossible to get a hold of) and the service department manager (Maher Nijem) have been calling me and asking to call them back. Well, I work 5-6 days a week and can't be conducting personal phone calls while at work. If anyone from the dealership's management ever reads these, I want my vehicle repaired at no charge to me per the instructions in the associated TSB released by Toyota. As it stands, I am very much disenfranchised with this dealership and will be bringing my vehicle elsewhere for service. I am also disenfranchised with Toyota in general. On a side note, my wife had an appointment scheduled early morning of December 24 to have an update performed and have something else done and was told that a technician who can do the update will not be in till later in the afternoon. What kind of xxxxxxxx is this? Why did the person she spoke to schedule an appointment knowing that this will be a busy and short-staffed day? She, too, will be taking her vehicle elsewhere from now on.

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Employees Worked With

Andre Uy

November 27, 2014

"2015 Prius purchase - Great Experience "

- fred.fermin

We came into City Toyota via the Costco Auto Buying Program to buy a Toyota Prius. We met with Wil Cho, who was exceedingly helpful and knowledgeable. He made the car buying experience painless and offered valuable advice to help us in making our decision. We can, without hesitation, recommend City Toyota, just make sure to ask for Wil Cho. Our experience with Wil was in stark contrast to our first car buying experience at Mazda of Stockton, which was horrendous. But that is another review for another group.

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Employees Worked With

Wil Cho

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